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Choose the Best Women Sunglasses for Style & Function

woman Sunglass

Sunglasses can help block not only ultraviolet rays but also a fashion item. They can immediately add points to the overall wear as long as they are matched. Well-known brands such as Ray Ban, Fendi, and Randolph have launched pieces in various shapes, styles, and colors.

Appreciation alone is dazzling, and, inevitably can’t master what type is best for them. Some lenses also focus on polarizing, anti-blue light and so on. This time, we will provide you with the selection points of women’s sunglasses. Although women’s Sunglasses emerge in endlessly every year, I believe that the objective analysis of this article can be applied to various occasions so that readers can make more wise choices in the selection, bring fashion features to wear together, and protect their eyes at the same time.

Guilds for Women’s Sunglasses

Hurry up and take a look at the critical points of purchasing sunglasses. Once you master the key, you won’t be afraid to make a choice you regret!

Know Your Face Contour

Whether a pair of sunglasses fit yourself has a great relationship with the shape and proportion of the face. Since the oval face almost doesn’t choose styles, we will introduce suitable sunglasses for round, long, square and inverted triangles.

Round: Suitable for square style

Most readers with round faces look younger, but they can show a mature impression as long as they wear square frames. The relatively round and teardrop style may overemphasize the contour of the face, and such glasses should be avoided as far as possible.

Long: Avoid narrow frames

In contrast to a round face, a long face with square or narrow sunglasses will make the contour of the face appear longer. The mirror frame with a large mirror or water bead shape can retain the mature flavor of the long face and create a stunning impression at the same time. Readers of this face shape must be listed as the benchmark for purchase.

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Square: Elegant with a round frame

When the square face meets the square frame, it is easy to leave a severe impression; However, matching it with an oval or circular style can make the square face softer. People who want to change their image should not be wrong.

Inverted triangle: Try to avoid the large lenses

Due to the narrow chin of the inverted triangle face, the too-large frame is easy to focus the focus of the whole face on the glasses, resulting in visual imbalance. However, the frames suitable for this face are as rich as the oval face. When purchasing, just pay special attention to the size.

Be sure to pay attention to the size

Suppose you buy blindly without carefully confirming the size. In that case, you will often encounter a situation that cannot match the face lines. Please check it many times before buying.

Confirm the lens width, nose support distance, and frame length

As long as you confirm the size of the lens, the distance between the nose support connecting the left and right lenses, and the length of the frame supporting the glasses and extending to the ear, you can find the most suitable sunglasses. Most adult women use 50 ~ 55mm wide lenses, while the distance between the nose support is about 16 ~ 19mm; You can also double the width of the lens and add it to the space from the nose support. If it is the same as the width of the face, it is the appropriate size. If it is too large or too small, it may cause the whole face to lose balance.

In addition, the length of the frame will also affect the comfort of the sunglasses when wearing. It may cause conditions such as easy sliding. Please pay close attention to the above two when purchasing.

The lens should cover the eyebrows.

In addition to the above three dimensions, the distance between the lens and the eyebrow is another attention. The ideal state is that the lens is just flush with the eyebrow, and if the upper edge of the frame matches the shape of the eyebrow, it will not be abrupt.

woman Sunglass blue dress sitting on brown wooden dock during daytime

Check the shading effect of the lens

To understand the shading effect of sunglasses, you can first check the light transmittance. The lower the grade, the higher the light penetration. If it can only be used in ordinary life, it is OK for the transmittance of the lens to fall below 8 ~ 40%; However, if in a robust light environment or driving process, it is recommended to choose about 10% of the style, which is safer. In addition to judging from the numerical value, generally speaking, the darker the lens color, the better the shading effect.

In addition, there is a polarizing lens, which can filter and weaken the light and eliminate the too strong light to make the field of vision clearer. Even if the color of the lens is light, it still has the effect of restraining the light. Although the lenses with low transmittance can block sunlight, the pupil will open when wearing dark lenses, which will increase the number of ultraviolet rays entering the eyes. Therefore, please choose the style with a polarizing function or effectively blocking ultraviolet rays as far as possible to protect the eyes from injury.

Pay attention to whether you can filter ultraviolet and blue light

Excessive ultraviolet rays will cause damage to the eyes and skin, and most sunglasses have the function of blocking ultraviolet rays. Some can even filter the blue light of mobile phones and computers to protect eyes and skin health.

UV protection

Some colored sunglasses have no UV protection function, so we must recognize the product description. Generally, it is indicated by the “shielding rate” or “penetration rate” of ultraviolet rays. The shielding rate of 99.9% is equal to the penetration rate of 0.1%. The higher the former value, the stronger the ability to block ultraviolet rays. Some models will also be specially marked with “UV400”, which means that it can eliminate almost all wavelengths of ultraviolet rays harmful to the human body, which is most suitable for people pursuing high safety.

Blue light and near-infrared rays are more harmful to the eyes.

Recent research shows that the blue light and LED light emitted by the screen of electronic products can cause damage to the eyes; Although NIR (near-infrared rays) will not affect skin health, it may lead to vision loss and eye fatigue, and the destructiveness of the three is even stronger than UV. Especially for people who need to stare at the computer for a long time or it is difficult to adapt to intense light, they should pay attention to whether the sunglasses have the effect of filtering blue light and near-infrared light or refer to the high-specification style that can be completely isolated from ultraviolet light.

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Pay attention to the lens color.

The lens color of sunglasses will also affect the imaging, more or less. Please pay more attention.

  • Gray and Brown: good effect of blocking dazzling light
    • Gray and Brown can be said to be the bulk of sunglasses. Among them, gray has an excellent ability to reduce glare, which is especially suitable for sunny weather and outdoor sports in summer; And because it will not cause too much color deviation, it also allows people to enjoy the natural scenery. Brown can help modify the shape of the face. Readers who care about the outline may wish to consider it.
  • Blue and green: moderately reduce glare and retain contrast
    • Glare is easily caused when intense light is direct, but the gray lens with good shading will make the field of vision slightly darker. If you want to reduce the dazzling light and maintain a particular scene contrast, you can choose blue or green lenses. In addition to practicality, they can also create a fashionable appearance, which is quite suitable for all occasions.
  • Red and yellow: commensurate with skin color
    • Although the warm red and yellow shading rate is not high, they are very fashionable and unique choices perfect for personalized wear. In particular, wearing red can make your face look healthier and ruddy; Yellow can keep a certain brightness for the field of vision on rainy or cloudy days, which can be selected according to their own needs.

FAQ about Women’s Sunglasses

After reading the above instructions, some readers may still have questions about this kind of goods. Because of this, the following is sorting out a few purchase-related issues.

Can I wear sunglasses with contact lenses?

If you can’t wear contact lenses, you can choose a suitable frame and order it in a unique store. In addition, considering the comfort of wearing it for a long time, when selecting the frame, pay special attention to the overall weight of the glasses and the design of the nose pad, and try to avoid too particular structure, to avoid waste due to technical problems.

Does the counter brand sunglasses provide a warranty?

Almost all sunglasses of known counter brands are guaranteed for about one year. If defective products or non-human faults are purchased, they can be sent back to the counter for treatment.

How to use sunglasses to fit face shape?

As described in this article, the first step is to understand your face contour before finding a suitable style. For example, the round face is ideal for slightly angled frames. The square front can be decorated with round models. The long look can skillfully shorten the visual size with large structures. After confirming the form, don’t forget to further observe the color of the lens and their own skin color, and the matching degree of daily wear. Try more to find out the most suitable style.


The eyes are a very fragile part of the human body. Therefore, when purchasing sunglasses, we should pay attention to the design and whether there are anti-ultraviolet, blue light, and other effects is very important. After understanding the selection skills of sunglasses, I hope readers can choose the most suitable pair for themselves and protect their precious eyes while being fashionable!

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