What I think about fashion

I think today’s young people should pursue individuality. Fashion is a way of life, a concept of breaking through old ideas, innovating and growing, and a life state of never giving up.

Fashion is the footstep of people’s life

Fashion is the footstep of people’s life development and the indicator of human civilization progress. Fashion is not only about dressing or using new things but also about new ideas and ideas. Only innovative thinking and the new material culture are the real fashionable young people.Therefore, “fashion” should be something that specific people advocate in a short time. Since it is “advocating,” it certainly takes spiritual pursuit and values as the core, which can be perceptually manifested in various lifestyles, behavior patterns and specific things.

Therefore, the difference between fashion and fashion may be more fundamental in the existence of spirituality. The core of “fashion” is “creativity,” a unique idea and a way of life formed by thoughts. Fashion is a lifestyle first tried by a few people in a specific period and expected to be respected and imitated by the public. Fashion is the sum of “time” and “worship.” In this very simplified sense, fashion is the life that some people advocate in a short time.

Fashion covers all aspects of life

Many people equate fashion with fashion, but it is not. In short, the technique can be popular, but the scope is minimal. If it is widely popular, is there still a sense of fashion? Pursuing fashion is an art.
Imitation and conformity are only the “primary stage,” Its most perfect realm should be to extract its essence and true meaning from a batch of fashion trends, enrich its aesthetics and taste and create its own beautiful “template.” The pursuit of fashion is not a passive pursuit but in the rational and skilled control of style.

Fashion is an inclusive concept

In short, fashion is an inclusive concept, its tentacles go deep into all aspects of life, and people have been arguing about it. However, generally speaking, what fashion brings people is a pleasant mood, elegance, purity, taste and extraordinary feeling, which endows people with different temperaments and verve, reflecting exceptional life taste, delicacy and individuality. At the same time, we are also aware that the pursuit of fashion has promoted a better human life, whether spiritual or material.

Level of Fashion?

Whether we choose “basic” or “simple fashion,” sometimes we will deliberately drift with the tide and let our heads empty. We will directly select the number one meal, buy the best-selling car, turn on the radio and listen. We have to make thousands of choices every day in a consumer society. Most choices are meaningless, so please remember that you also have the “no” option.

The so-called bad taste is a good idea, a straightforward classification method, and a convenient fantasy. It presupposes that all people have the same preferences and accept specific social standards, without any doubt. “Bad taste” requires us to pretend that all of us were born at the same time, in the same place, into the same school, meet the same group of friends, and have the same hobbies. All this makes no sense, but we usually don’t break it. For much of human history, we take this statement for granted.

In this era, “taste” is more like something you can have. Even if you don’t have “taste,” you usually won’t encounter any problems. Just follow the default values. You can still buy decent clothes, listen to decent music and enjoy proper meals. You don’t have to worry about what your consumption will fall into.
However, there are still gray areas between the extremes of black and white. If a person with taste will take the initiative to make a choice, and a person without taste will only passively accept what is in front of him – does a person who takes the industry to choose what is in front of him have a preference? For example, what if you really like shopping at IKEA?

Freedom of Fashion

“Simplicity and fashion mean freedom in the ordinary. Knowing yourself will find a sense of belonging in the process of adaptation.”. It is a kind of “post original” fashion generated by the deliberate choice of uniformity “and a” method to move towards a peaceful life. ” I drink pumpkin lattes because I am not myself, but I do not want to choose anything else to show my uniqueness in the coffee promotion. In other words, it means that you are satisfied with your current situation and do not need to drink to prove who you are. But in this way, what is the difference between “basic” and “simple fashion”? Theoretically, it depends on intention. Is your choice conscious or unconscious? To show your taste or not to care? But who cares so much? After all, sometimes lattes are just lattes.

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