How To Choose Different Styles From Timex Watch Collections

Timex is a watch manufacturer that originated in 1854. It is relatively cheap and practical compared to other well-known brands.

The most distinctive feature of Timex is that it has both traditional classic models and new watches that follow today’s trends.

If you need a watch that you can use in daily life, you can consider “Waterbury” and “Weekender”, which uses a nylon strap and has a more trendy design.

“IRONMAN” series is a series of sports watches.There are also high-end running watches designed for professional athletes.

“Camper” design is for military style protection. “It shows masculinity in men, and can also show fashionable temperament when worn by women.” 

“It is looking at things for a long time that ripens you and gives you a deeper meaning.”

“Easy Reader” has a clean dial and clear and concise text, making it easy-to-read time. 

“Fairfield” pays attention to the classic and minimalist style. The surface text doesn’t use numbers and all stick-shaped indicators are used to make the disk look more concise. 

The entire surface will emit light. You can tell whether the dial has the word “INDIGLO” on it.

The nylon strap is a representative part of Timex. It is not only rich in colors, but also adopts a simple NATO strap.

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