How To Get The Right Sunglasses For Children?

More and more people understand that sunglasses are a must for children. If they are exposed to the hot sun for too long, they may cause eye diseases due to UV rays.

When going out on a sunny day or playing outdoor sports, it is important to have sunglasses for children.

The primary purpose of sunglasses for children is to block UV rays, and it is recommended to choose lenses that are 99% or more UV resistant or UV 400 resistant so that they can protect against harmful UV-A rays.

If the light rate value is too low, it may cause a strong contrast with the naked eye.

Most of the sunglasses on the market today are not labeled with visible light transmission. Usually dark lenses have a lower value and thin lenses have a higher value.

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair.”

Since children are more likely to fall when running and jumping, and occasionally collide when playing with a ball, it is recommended to choose plastic lenses that are less prone to breakage.

It is recommended that parents check the size of the frame to find the right size for the width of the face and whether it is long enough to hang behind the ear.

The soft material used in the nose area can greatly enhance the wearing comfort.

The strap type frame makes you forget about wearing sunglasses and is ideal for intense sports.

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