What Type Of Sterling Silver Chain Should I Get?

Compared with the luxurious image of gold and jewelry, silver jewelry can give people a retro and restrained but elegant feeling. However, most people only pay attention to the appearance when buying, and ignore the details.

999 pure silver is 99.9% pure silver. However, the texture of pure silver is too soft, it is not suitable for jewelry processing.

On the market, 925 sterling silver with 7.5% alloy is regarded as a recognized silver jewelry purity standard.

A necklace with a length of about 32 to 42cm looks similar to a collar when worn. Since it needs to be surrounded by a circle around the neck, we can regard it as a necklace.

Before buying, I recommended it to measure the circumference of the neck to ensure that it is comfortable and not tight when wearing.

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Although the short necklace is less conspicuous, it can create a strong and unique style for the overall shape, so it is suitable for users who has personality . 

A short necklace, its lowest point, will fall near the clavicle after being worn. The advantage of the clavicle chain lies in its versatility, which can be matched with any clothes, styling style, and occasion.

Besides fully showing the neckline, it also has the effect of modifying the visual line of the neck and changing the face shape into a V-shaped shape.

The positioning of a long necklace is not to change the face shape, but to make the figure appear more slender. When buying a longer necklace, we should match it with a gorgeous pendant.

For ordinary consumers, I recommend it to buy silver jewelry sold by well-known brands, with a warranty certificate and after-sales service. 

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