How Do I Choose A SEIKO Watch?

SEIKO is known as Japan’s first chronograph and diving watch as a pioneer of quartz watches.

There are four types of watches: quartz watches, mechanical watches, radio watches, and spring drive.

Quartz watches use electricity to drive the movement, which has an annual error of plus or minus 10 seconds.

Mechanical watches don’t require batteries, as long as they can be wound manually or automatically.

Grand Seiko use both quartz and mechanical movements. And they’re quite expensive.

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It will automatically align the time based on radio waves from atomic clocks around the world.

Grand Seiko is the brand’s high-end watch series. It’s made by skilled watchmakers and it’s an authentic Japanese watch.

Seiko Selection is waterproof and has many functional features like radio wave timing, anti-magnetic interference, and pressure functionality.

LUKIA watches are made of titanium alloy, which can help people who are allergic to metal. 

Presage is a personalized watch that follows trends. The exclusive design makes the mechanical operation of the watch more stable. 

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