How to choose the right Necklaces for Couples

Whether it's a couple's anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day or Christmas, you can wear a pair of necklaces together to show that they are unique to each other.

Therefore, if you buy an alloy that is not clearly marked, you may be exposed to nickel, chromium, tin and other elements that can easily cause allergies.

In order to reduce the risk of allergy, it is recommended to choose sterling silver, pure titanium and white steel which are less likely to react with sweat and are more stable. If you have the budget, you can choose K gold or white gold.

The collection is only available in different colors or sizes and is not affected by the need for puzzles.

Although it is not very different from the general shape of a necklace, the independent and complete design of the necklace can also reduce the difficulty of matching with the outfit.

“When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.”

If you look at a single necklace, it is usually an irregular geometric shape or a special animal, flower, key, etc. Once the couple put the necklace together, it can be combined into a complete love or pattern.

It is suitable for those who want to wear a pair of necklaces but do not want to be noticed by their friends and relatives at first glance, who are more reserved in their personalities, and who want to show their creativity and uniqueness.

It is recommended for girls to choose a length of 43-48cm and for boys to choose a length of about 50cm, so that necklace can fall right between the collarbone and the chest.

No matter what necklace you choose, you can maintain a good visual balance and achieve the effect of slimming the chin and neckline.

Some now offer custom engraving services, allowing customers to choose whether they want to have their necklace engraved with a picture, anniversary, birthday or monogram for a more exclusive look.

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