What Is Moroccan Argan Oil Good For?

Moroccan Argan Oil  is said to be one of the rarest and most precious oils in the world.

Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of "Argan", and due to the complexity and time-consuming preparation, every 1 liter of argan oil extracted requires 100 kg of Argan fruit.

It has the characteristics of low irritation and high penetration, so it is a multi-functional oil that can be used on the face, body, hair, and even the delicate eye area and lip care.

Its comfortable texture, even if it is applied to the hair without fear of sticking together, is quite a great hair care product. 

Argan oil has a low photosensitivity and can be used for whole-body care with confidence. 

“No matter how much suffering you went through, you never wanted to let go of those memories.”

The oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids, and has the desired effect on regulating blood lipid function, improving constipation, and eliminating edema.

The "cold pressing method" is to extract oil by slowly applying pressure to the nuts at low temperatures. 

The cold pressing method is cheaper but if you consider quality, it is recommended to buy it from the hot pressing method.

Fresh argan oil has a golden, transparent color, but it oxidizes and the color becomes turbid. 

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