How Do Massage Seats Work?

Sitting for a long time can lead to a variety of issues, and a massage seat will help you to relax.

In addition to the common kneading and beating of massage seats, there are also kneading and rubbing or "vibration" functions.

The "kneading" function can be divided into "cross kneading" suitable for shoulder and neck massage, or "up and down kneading" suitable for back and waist.

Compared with a massage chair, the massage seat is relatively small, but there are many products that have a wide range of massages.

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The warm function on massage seats can be used to warm the body, which helps to promote blood circulation and relax the body.

When used in the winter, it is not only good for keeping you warm but also improves the massage effect. At present, many chairs have this function.

Some massage seats also have a timing function, which will automatically shut down as soon as the set time is reached, even if you accidentally fall asleep during the massage, you don't have to worry.

Choose a massage seat that can rotate moderately to avoid continuous massage over-pressing it, causing physical discomfort.

If you don’t want to buy a massage seat and can only be placed in a fixed position, it will be much more convenient to choose a folding one.

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