What Does Mandelic Acid Do For Skin Care?

Mandelic acid can help the metabolism of old waste keratin, and it is one of the acid ingredients that are helpful for uneven skin tone, large pores, and blemishes.

Therefore, whether it is acne marks, spots or pigmentation, or even skin that is blackened after laser, it can get some help through its metabolic effects.

If you want to have an immediate effect, or to strengthen the help only for certain skin area, you can choose a serum-type product.

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If the skin condition is stable and you simply want to use it for daily maintenance, you can choose products with lower content, such as cleansers, lotions, and masks.

Maintaining the PH value of the epidermis can keep the skin in a healthy state, so if you use weakly alkaline products during cleaning, you can choose acidic products during maintenance.

Since Mandelic acid can improve keratin metabolism, which causes peeling and other conditions in some users, it is very important to moisturize moderately.

Besides adding some moisturizing products before and after the maintenance procedure, you can choose to add moisturizing ingredients when purchasing products, which can achieve moisturizing while metabolizing keratin.

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