Which Home Feng Shui Easy To Attract Villains And Trouble?

The villains will ruin your family, job and reputation. How to get away from them?

Items have  strong suggestive effect on human. Villains will stay away from you if items are placed in the right place at home.

If you put too many plants on the windowsill, the flow of Qi will be blocked and you will be vulnerable to the jealousy of villains or obstruction.

“Feng Shui is the perfect tool  for breaking  vicious circles.”

On the bed with a photo: each photo has a Qi field. When human sleep, our Qi field is weakest, so we’re most vulnerable.

Putting photos on the bedside wall will disrupt your Qi. Your surroundings are prone to villainy, which will also attract trouble.

Trash cans shouldn’t be in the middle of the living room or bedroom.

Garbage cans shouldn’t be placed in obvious locations. This will make you a target for villains, and you’ll get upset.

“Unfortunately, Feng Shui has mingled with superstition. Luckily, it’s easy to expose myths. Don’t think ‘things’, think ‘energy’.”

Medicine shouldn’t be placed in a visible place, or it will attract villains. It’s better to store it in a cabinet or drawer.

Pictures of tigers, eagles, and lions aren’t appropriate for the office, as they will hinder your career. They will also make you easy to be trapped or struck by the opponent.

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