How Do You Choose A Handheld Massager?

To prevent the occurrence of spending money without getting results or failing to press the key area, knowing the type of handheld massager is a top priority.

Stick Massage Style: Used to soothe fatigue throughout the body. This model is mostly long strips with protrusions at the front. 

However, it is a universal model designed for the whole body, and if you want to target key areas such as shoulders and waist, the effect may be unsatisfactory.

Some of the stick-shaped handheld massagers have multiple headbands attached. 

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The most likely place for modern people to feel fatigued and sore is the shoulder and neck. Shoulder-mounted massagers are particularly effective at relieving pain in this area.

Some shoulder mount massagers also have a heating function for those who want to enjoy both stress relief and warmth.

Covered type: Suitable for waist and calves, it is the first choice for people who often have stiff shoulders and necks.

Hand-held type: Has a high degree of maneuverability and can be used in a wide range.

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