5 Tips for Using Glycolic Acid For Skin Care Routine

Since the face is often exposed to the external environment and wears masks for a long time, it is easy to cause clogged pores or acne problems, so it is necessary to use Glycolic Acid Skin Care to help metabolize the stratum corneum.

Glycolic acid, Citric acid and Mandelic acid are more widely known, while BHA, Salicylic acid, is mostly extracted from willow bark and is a fat-soluble acid.

Both acids have outstanding exfoliating effects, purifying pores and skin, promoting keratin metabolism and cell regeneration, and stabilizing skin conditions.

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For smaller areas of the face, you can use concentrated serums or gels that are more refreshing to avoid the greasiness of products like lotions.

However, the concentration of each type of care product ranges from low to high, so please choose the right texture and concentration according to your skin condition.

Glycolic acid is often used in skin care products for oily skin, dull skin, and mature skin because of its small molecules that can quickly penetrate the skin and accelerate the removal and renewal of old keratinocytes.

Glycolic Acid Skin Care products are available in concentrations ranging from 5 to 30%. 

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The improvement of the rough parts of the body can use a higher concentration of about 20-30% to show more effect and change.

In order to judge the effectiveness and irritation of care products containing Glycolic Acids, it is possible to distinguish them by their concentration and acidity. 

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