How Do You Use An Electric Eye Massager?

People watch their mobile phones everyday, it is easy to cause overwork in eyes.

At present, there are two types of eye masks on the market, which cover the eye area, and rod-shaped types that are easy to carry and have rollers at the front.

It’s great for relaxation. Common functions include things like hot massages, vibrations, and air pressure massage.

You can control the strength while moving and can be used to massage other parts of the face.

If you want to use a product with functions such as vibration or EMS pulse micro electricity, you can choose a rod type if you want to use it immediately during operation.

“Having an eye for beauty isn't the same thing as a weakness.”

When you want to relax before going to bed, eye mask-type products are more effective.

Hot compresses are the most popular eye massager. They promote blood circulation in the skin to soothe muscles and brighten the skin.

If you want to relax the muscles around your eyes, a vibrating model is the first choice. The vibration function can give your eyes a real sense of relaxation.

Air-stimulating pressure massages are hands-free massagers that stimulate the scalp, temples, and face area.

Many eye massagers on the market have four designs: moisture, fragrance, music, and temperature.

The three power supplies of the eye massager are: rechargeable battery type, plug-in type, and two kinds of combinations.

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