What You Need To Know About DW Watch For All-Purpose

Founded in Sweden in 2011, DW (Daniel Wellington) is quite young compared to other classic brands, but it has already taken a place in the watch market.

Among the DW products, CLASSIC, which retains its classic and interchangeable straps, and PETITE, which is designed for women, are two collections that are particularly popular.

The first word that comes to many people's mind is "All-Purpose". The simple watch face and the design of the interchangeable straps make DW watches the best accessories for every look.

CLASSIC is the most famous and representative series of DW watches. The watch face is mostly simple round, no pendant solid color, and mostly with leather straps, because the elements are simple but more durable.

The ICONIC collection is unisex and suitable for both men and women, and can be subdivided into two categories: LINK and MOTION. 

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”

LINK is mostly made of one-piece metal elements, which are material-oriented and lightweight, especially for businessmen.

PETITE is a more refined design in terms of face size and strap width, and has been widely favored by female consumers.

QUADRO's retro and elegant square-shaped watch face design breaks the framework of the brand. The square face has a strong vintage look and can be worn with either a woven metal or leather strap to suit different outfits.

The design concept of DW watches has always been unisex, so when choosing a watch, you only need to rely on your own preferences, and it is recommended to measure the width of your wrist in advance to choose the right watch face size.

At present, the common diameter of the face of the DW watch is 28 to 40mm, the thickness of the dial varies from 6 to 9.5mm, the smaller the wrist is naturally recommended to choose the smaller and thinner the watch face is better, so that it looks more harmonious.

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