How to make your dressing table look nice?

How do you decide whether to keep or throw away your makeup and skincare products? Let's get your dressing table in order!

Firstly, sort your make-up into broad categories of "same colors, same textures, same genres" and then look at how often you use it. If you don't use it often for more than 6 months, just throw it away.

If you don't use it often, it means that it is highly replaceable, doesn't work well, doesn't apply well, etc., so you don't need to keep it to take up space. And throw away any makeup that has expired, even if it's unopened.

If you find that your make-up smells bad or is oily, it means that it has gone bad, so throw it away or it may cause skin irritation!

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Skincare products almost always have a shelf life of 2 years when they are unopened, but the way they are stored and the temperature can make them deteriorate and their effectiveness diminish significantly. 

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Don't think you can keep using makeup tools just because wash them regularly. If they are not properly dried, they will easily become moldy and cause a burden on your skin.

Make sure dressing table is only 80% full to make it easier to access. Also, before buying any beauty and skincare products, think about whether you have room on your dressing table and use the "one for one" concept to maintain a clean dressing table.

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