How Do You Apply Skin Toner?  Do’s And Don’ts

Nowadays, due to stress and environmental changes, the skin is in a constant state of instability and the stratum corneum is weaker. 

Many people with sensitive skin may also be accompanied by dry skin problems, in addition to non-alcoholic ingredients, but also pay attention to moisturizing. 

Parabens and Phenoxyethanol are safe preservatives and have been used in cosmetics for a long time. 

At first glance, preservative-free products seem to be less irritating to the skin, but without preservatives, more bactericidal ingredients are needed to maintain the shelf life of the lotion, often causing more irritation to the skin.

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In recent years, botanical extracts have become very popular as ingredients in skin care products because of their excellent moisturizing properties.

However, when multiple plant extracts are included at the same time, it is important to pay attention to whether it will cause skin allergies.

Vitamin C, which is commonly used for skin whitening, may also irritate the skin, so it is recommended to try a small amount first.

If you have a serious allergy, you should stop using it and consult a professional doctor immediately.

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At the same time, adding a scented lotion may make the user more relaxed during use, but it may also be an irritant for sensitive skin.

Poor bottle design also tends to reduce the desire for long-term use, so it is recommended to pay attention to the size of the container, the structure of the bottle, and the amount of pressure or squeeze each time.

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