3 workout plan tips to keep you on track all year long

Ditching the hard workout routine and adopting a plan that you can actually do is what makes a good exercise plan, so you don't end up stopping halfway!

Exercise has become a tool to improve mental health and physical strength, but many people still make new exercise plans for the new year, such as increasing the number of trips to the gym or losing weight.

The New Year's fitness plan should not be about what you can achieve in January, but rather what you can still see yourself doing in the remaining 11 months.

A program that you can stick to three times a week for the whole year is more effective than training every day for six weeks and then giving up because it becomes overwhelming.

When exercise programs are too intense and diet plans are too strict, they become exhausting and you crave closure or give up quickly.

“An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.”

1. Set realistic goals: The trick to sticking to your fitness regime is to set realistic goals for yourself to help you feel like you are making progress.

Humans are task-driven creatures and whatever we are doing, we need some sense of success and progress in order to feel satisfied. 

2.How to find a balance you can stick to: Knowing what you can't compromise on is key, maybe a barbecue with the family on a Sunday, a cocktail after work every week.

Find the exercise that really makes you happy and enjoyable. Focus on mastering skills or winning competitions, not on how long you've been doing it.

3. Ideal exercise program: A balanced health program should demonstrate success and progress. Effective in improving strength, cardiovascular fitness, mobility, body composition and emotional well-being. 

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