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The Ultimate Guide To Incense & How To Use

woman in white tank top holding black chopsticks

Today’s lifestyle has been affected by the epidemic, and most people stay at home for a relatively long period. The recent fragrance products derived in different textures can be said to be quite popular to relieve the pressures accumulated by factors such as work, school, or health.

For example, liquid essential oils that use bamboo sticks or sprayers to spread incense, or scented candles that can create different atmospheres, incense sticks, high-safety fragrance gel, etc., each type has its supporters. Readers often get into a dilemma when choosing?

The main points of purchase of indoor fragrances

While the fragrance is not necessary, it can add to the good life. Let’s look at some of the key points not to overlook when purchasing.

Choose a texture type that’s easy to use

The fragrance products on the market can be said to be full of eyes, among which the four texture types of “liquid essential oils,” “Fragrance Gel, “fragrance candles,” and “incense sticks,” are the most common. As long as you understand the advantages and disadvantages of individuals first, I believe that you will soon be able to narrow the scope of purchase.

Liquid essential oils: wide range of applications, can be used with incense spreading bamboo, sprayer, and other equipment

These products range from small bottles of 10 to 30 mL to large capacities of more than 100 mL. In addition to being used directly on the incense spreading table or diffusion stone, it is currently the most commonly used with diffusion bamboo on the market to make it naturally volatilize the aroma. The thickness can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of branches. In addition, there are also spray bottles that combine deodorant ingredients. Some styles can be directly installed in the sprayer, which will release the fragrance after human induction or manual pressing, to avoid the rapid evaporation of essential oils, which will be a good choice for long-term users.

Fragrance Gel: high safety placement, light, and long-lasting fragrance

Because the texture is not easy to flow frozen or paste. Even if you accidentally overturn the container, do not worry too much. The safety of placement is relatively high, such as for parent-child families or pets are very suitable for priority. However, its natural volatilization speed is relatively slow. The taste is not as apparent as other types, compared to the living room, main bedroom, and other large square meters of space. It is more recommended to place in a secure location such as a wardrobe, shoe cabinet, or bath toilet.


Fragrance candle: After lighting, the fragrance will be released, which can create a romantic atmosphere

For those who pursue a double feast of smell and vision, it is very suitable to choose a fragrant candle. It is mainly packaged in glass or metal containers to create a sense of luxury. On the other hand, it can also avoid the flow of wax oil when igniting; in addition, if there is an additional lid, it can prevent dust and debris from falling, which is convenient for long-term storage because it needs to be lit before it releases a pronounced aroma. It is often used in meditation, massage, or romantic occasions. However, after all, it will produce an open flame, so it is necessary to pay special attention to safety when using it, such as children or pets at home.

Incense: Suitable for a short period of relaxation

Its appearance is primarily slender design. The burning time will vary according to the length, generally about 10 to 20 minutes, very suitable for wanting to relax in a short period. It is usually used with incense seats, and you can choose a style that suits the atmosphere of the place to add points to your taste. The disadvantage is that it will produce smoke when burning, and it is best to make sure that it will not affect others when using open space. In addition, because incense ash is produced when burned, it is necessary to spend additional time cleaning up, which is less pleasing to busy or afraid of trouble.

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Adjustable fragrance intensity is preferred.

Since everyone’s acceptance of the aroma is different, it is recommended that the lock can be adjusted according to the size of the space or to assess the approval of the family by increasing or decreasing the number of incense expanding bamboo, changing the size of the pores of the container or the frequency of spraying of the sprayer to adjust the intensity. Suppose your favorite style cannot modify the power of the fragrance. In that case, you can consider placing it in a higher place or ventilated place or choose a lighter and more elegant fragrance.

Choose the scent according to the purpose of use.

There are many kinds of commercially available fragrances, so it is recommended to choose the appropriate type according to the purpose of use.

Citrus, marine: can bring freshness to indoor air.

Lavender, sandalwood, juniper, etc.: can be used to relax the mood and relieve stress.

Fruity, floral, musk, etc.: the smell is more distinct, which is very suitable for creating an exclusive atmosphere in the bedroom.

If the situation allows, you may wish to go to the physical store to try it out for yourself, and it may be less likely to step on the thunder.

Exquisitely packaged gifts, generous and decent

Many fragrance brands have launched exquisite gift box packaging, or seasonal fragrances, which are used to give gifts that are generous and decent and set off personal taste and can be paid more attention to when purchasing. On the other hand, some fragrance products must be used with incense holders and spreaders, so it is best to check whether the recipient has appropriate equipment in advance to show the intimate side.

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FAQ about selecting incense

After deciding which incense to start with, let’s look at the frequently asked questions and refer to the relevant answers to clarify the doubts.

Can the liquid essential oil be sprayed on leather?

Because most liquid essential oils contain volatile components such as alcohol, they may fade or whiten when dyed leather. It’s best to avoid spraying leather massage chairs at home. You can use a special leather maintenance fluid to wipe and clean in the above situation.

Does the incense-expanding bamboo need to be replaced?

Under everyday use of available indoor space, replacing it once every 1 ~ 2 months is recommended. When you find that the fragrance becomes less noticeable, you can first try to change the direction of incense expanding bamboo; If there is still no improvement after changing the path, it can be replaced directly.

Do you need to open the window to light incense or candles?

Because both thread incense and the incenseed candle will produce open fire, and smoke may be generated during combustion. Once the space is too narrow and airtight, it may easily cause eye discomfort. If the situation allows, it is recommended to slightly open the window to help air circulation and avoid placing the fragrance at the air outlet to prevent excessive combustion speed or uneven heating of the candlewick.


Suppose we can use fragrance to create a warm atmosphere and a sense of relaxation in the home interior space. In that case, we believe that we can get appropriate relief in both body and mind. I hope that the introduction of this article can help you better understand the characteristics of various fragrance products and add points to the quality of life.

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