woman swimming

Choose Right Sports Swimsuits For Women

woman swimming

On the market, major brands such as Adidas, Mizuno, Arena, and Speedo have designed a variety of swimsuits for female consumers, convenient for swimming, walking in the water, and water fitness.

Due to the difference in function and material between swimsuits and bikinis on public bathing beaches, consumers who buy them for the first time may need some help. Therefore, this time I will introduce to you how to buy Women’s sports swimsuits and how they are different from ordinary swimsuits. No matter amateur swimmers or athletes, they should be able to find their own style through the sharing of this article.

Women sports swimsuits

First of all, please refer to the following purchase points and choose according to different needs such as swimming and muscle strength training.

Choose fabrics that are comfortable and easy to wear and take off.

It is imperative to wear comfortably and have proper elasticity and water absorption. Still, it should also be noted that the material may become loose if the water absorption is too strong. When selecting, just like ordinary swimsuits, most of them are made of fast-drying and water-resistant fabrics such as polyurethane, nylon, and polyester fiber. If you want to reduce the resistance in the water, you can also start with the patented materials launched by some manufacturers; In addition, you can also pay attention to whether the interior is well made to ensure the service life of the product.

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Choose according to category

Choosing the appropriate swimsuit according to the sports and the use environment can make the training process smoother.

Convenient amphibious type

Suppose you want to use it for various road exercises besides water sports. In that case, you can choose amphibious products for both water and land. The utility model has the advantage of fast-drying, reducing the time of changing clothes and luggage weight during training.

One-piece bathing suit mainly for swimming

If swimming is the primary sport, it is recommended to choose the one-piece style. Its excellent fit can reduce the resistance in the water. In addition, pay attention to whether it is open back design when buying. Although most gyms have indoor swimming pools, if you want to use them outdoors, the UV protection design that can cover the whole body is also one of the critical points.

Two-piece swimsuit is suitable for walking in the water.

Suppose you are not specialized in swimming but mainly in water walking, aerobics, and other training methods. In that case, you can choose a two-stage swimsuit to make the body more convenient. It is also divided into sleeved, sleeveless, and other styles, which are highly recommended to friends engaged in such projects who feel that it is troublesome to wear and take off professional one-piece swimsuits.

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Confirm the bust and hip circumference

Swimsuits should be fit, not too loose or too tight. In addition to the standard classification methods of S, m, and l, they can also be selected according to their own chest and hip sizes. You may feel a little small before putting on the swimsuit, but the swimsuit usually has a certain flexibility. If you buy a loose size, you may be comfortable before going into the water. Still, it will become too loose after soaking, which will affect the performance. Therefore, you need to weigh the comfort and flexibility and choose a moderate size.

Swimsuit design

If you want to avoid it, you should work hard in the gym, but the close-fitting sports swimsuit can be embarrassing when you haven’t worked out for your target figure. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the design of body modification.

Large area covering the body

The design of protecting the body in a large area can hide your body shape as much as possible or modify the parts you care about. For example, if you want to cover your arms, you can choose the design with sleeves; Worried about the lousy thigh line, select the type of shorts. Don’t let your imperfect figure become an excuse for not daring to go to the gym.

Thin line design

If you want to look thinner, you can choose a vertical line design or dark cloth style regardless of the one-piece or two-piece type. Suppose there are bright fluorescent color matching embellishments or cloth splicing in different color systems. In that case, you can achieve the effect of distracting your eyes and making your body look slimmer. Suppose you expect to start with an online shopping platform. In that case, you can carefully confirm the product photos or model try on pictures and try to choose the version that emphasizes the decoration effect.

Skirt covers the lower body

Before reaching beautiful lines through sports, choose a swimsuit that looks good to your eyes, which must be more inspiring to yourself. Especially if you are not confident in the shape and proportion of your lower body, you might as well choose the style with a skirt design to cover up and decorate it.

A set

Swimming caps, goggles, and other essential equipment are primarily required in the swimming pool. If it is a first-time consumer, choosing a complete set of products is recommended. Some will also be attached with earplugs or waterproof mobile phone covers and other peripheral products in terms of comparison. Interested readers are welcome to refer to them more.

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FAQ about women’s sports swimsuits

After reading the above instructions, I wonder if readers have a different concept of selecting and wearing women’s sports swimsuits? If you still have doubts, you can also continue to refer to the following common Q & A. next, you should have more clues when comparing various popular products!

Can sports underwear replace swimsuits?

Although the appearance of sports underwear is similar to that of a two-piece swimsuit, there are still significant differences in fabric and tailoring. First of all, in terms of materials, sports underwear emphasizes sweat absorption. At this time, it is easy to become heavy if you wear it.
For the part of the version, the shoulder strap of the sports underwear is usually comprehensive, which is very inconvenient for the swimming action that requires a hefty swing of the arm; Due to the different structure and elasticity, it is likely to swim to the lower circumference of half of the underwear and continue to move up and expose it. Therefore, it is still recommended to wear the appropriate type according to the occasion.

How to clean and maintain sports swimsuit?

Suppose you want to save the cleaning and drying procedures as much as possible. In that case, you can focus on the products advertised as fast drying. In addition, after entering the water, you can simply wash it with flowing water on the spot, absorb the excess water with a bath towel, and then wrap the swimsuit with a dry towel and put it into the storage bag. At this time, do not seal the bag’s mouth to avoid staining due to suffocation. After returning home, please unpack and rinse as soon as possible. Similarly, dry it with a dry towel, and then lay it flat in a well-ventilated and cool place for shade and drying. Do not directly expose to the sun or vigorously reverse the water squeeze to avoid fabric discoloration and structural deformation.

Can pregnant woman wear sports swimsuits?

There are many swimsuits designed for pregnant women on the market. Mainly due to the significant difference in body shape during pregnancy, choosing the style with good elasticity and high chest and abdominal support is suggested so that the body will not be excessively squeezed. If you feel a bit of strangulation on your shoulders and thighs, the suit is too short. If you want to decorate your abdomen or hips, you can avoid large color blocks and exaggerated prints. It is recommended to choose smaller broken flowers and dot styles to achieve a better visual effect.


A set of sports swimsuits with excellent function and slim shape can help to have more power when engaged in water sports. After referring to the key points of purchase and the recommendation of popular goods, I believe you have reached a conclusion about the goods you like. Start a suite of sports swimsuits that suits you and start a healthy and energetic life as soon as possible!

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