Himalayan Salt Lamp Near Laptop On Wooden Table

What Are Salt Lamps? How Effective Are They?

Himalayan Salt Lamp Near Laptop On Wooden Table

Hundreds of millions of years ago, the earth underwent plate movement. The lifted sea water evaporated and concentrated for many years. The contained sea salt and the elements in the rock formation form the so-called natural salt mine, which has a beautiful pink appearance, so it is called Rose salt.

The “salt lamp” is made of the salt mine with a tungsten filament lamp and other devices. The beautiful lines and warm light source reflect each other. In addition, it has the advantages of purifying the air and relaxing the mood, so it has become a new favorite of many people who pay attention to the quality of life. Given the considerable difference between the quality and price of salt lamps on the market, this article will start with the basic knowledge of salt lamps and explain several important tricks and joint problems in the selection, hoping to help you find products that meet your needs.

The charm of the salt lamp

The natural salt mine is rich in many minerals. After absorbing the moisture in the air, it will evaporate the moisture through the heat energy generated by the tungsten filament lamp and release a large number of negative ions at the same time, which will bring the functions of purifying the air and eliminating moisture; It is said that it is also helpful to block electromagnetic waves, eliminate peculiar smell and absorb dust.

In addition, due to the soft and warm light emitted by the salt lamp, just placing it in the space can give people the effects of stabilizing and relaxing moods. Even if it is only used as home accessories, it is lovely and tasteful. In addition, “salt” has been said to ward off evil spirits and avoid evil spirits since ancient times, so many friends who focus on feng shui will put a salt lamp at home to create an excellent magnetic field to ward off evil spirits and bring blessings, recruit wealth and gather treasures. It is a piece of household jewelry that has attracted considerable attention in recent years.

Salt Lamp Guides

There are many kinds of salt lamps on the market. Novices who come into contact with them for the first time may feel confused. Therefore, let’s first look at the small eyebrow corners that we must pay attention to when selecting.

Density from color

Most of the salt lamps sold are from Pakistan. Still, the characteristics of salt mines are somewhat different according to different mining areas. In short, the salt mine at the lower layer will be more solid regardless of density and hardness. The color is darker; On the contrary, salt mines mined from shallow layers are lighter in color and relatively easy to crack due to low density and hardness.
However, since it is difficult to know which mining area it comes from when purchasing, it is suggested to make a preliminary judgment on whether the glass junction crystal after lighting is prominent. The less transparent the crystal is, the higher the density and hardness of the salt mine are. When lighting, the temperature is easier to rise, and the improvement of negative ion release and other effects is more worthy of expectation.

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Color and light transmittance

As mentioned above, the darker the color of the salt mine at the lower layer, so almost only a little light can be seen after lighting. The price will usually rise if you want to find products with dark colors and good light transmittance. However, in fact, each salt lamp basically has the same function. Therefore, if there are budgetary considerations or focus on atmosphere building and spiritual precipitation, it is not impossible to choose from the desired color and brightness.
Salt mines from Pakistan are relatively rich in colors. In addition to the most common pink and red systems, there are also many white and ink gray types. You may wish to choose according to different places. For example, for stable spaces such as bedrooms and study, gray or dark red salt lamps with low brightness can be selected to avoid excessive light affecting the quality of reading or sleep; The living room, porch and other places may wish to use white or orange goods to enhance the sense of warmth and vitality.

Choose your favorite shape

The salt lamps on the market can be roughly divided into two types. One is the “raw mine salt lamp” with the whole salt mine as the main body. Most of them retain the original shape of the salt mine. The shape and texture of each type are unique. People can experience the mystery of nature through careful clues. When selecting, they just try to avoid the styles that are too crooked and lack stability. After all, everyone has different perceptions of the beauty and ugliness of shape.

On the other hand, different from the elegant appearance of the raw ore series, many salt lamps are processed into various shapes such as round, heart and pineapple, or they are filled with modern containers such as ceramics and glass, and even commercial products that can be powered by USB and combined with the function of an essential oil lamp, which further improves the decorative and practical value. Even if they are placed on the desk, they are very healing and not abrupt. You can choose according to your preferences.

Safety design

Due to the characteristics of absorbing moisture in salt mines, dissolved water called “deliquescence” may appear when the humidity is too high. Therefore, most commodities are recommended to turn on the light for 24 hours to control the humidity balance by heat. Therefore, whether the quality of wires, sockets and lamp caps attached to the product is good is particularly important. When purchasing, carefully confirm whether they have passed the relevant inspection; Some wires are also equipped with fuses, which can automatically cut off the power when the current is too large, to avoid wire damage, fire and other dangers.

In addition, the base used to support the salt lamp also needs to have sufficient stability so that it will not collapse and damage due to careless collision. Among wood, dense board and other materials are easy to mildew or crack due to moisture. Therefore, it is suggested to choose the base made of marble or sapphire as far as possible, which will look more decent and luxurious.

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FAQ about salt lamp

Many people may still have some doubts about the purchase and use. Therefore, the following will sort out several common questions.

What size is the best?

Some manufacturers suggest that each floor space can be equipped with about 2kg salt lamps as the benchmark to achieve a more ideal air purification function. Still, it mainly depends on the size of the display space and the atmosphere you want to create. For example, larger salt lamps can be selected in the reception room, while small and warm styles are mainly used in the bedroom. In addition, if it is set up to improve Feng Shui, it is suggested to consult a professional feng shui master for better suggestions.

How to maintain the salt lamp?

When there is dust and dirt, do not wash the whole with water. Please wipe it with a slightly wet cloth or sponge. The salt lamp should be placed in a dry indoor space to avoid deliquescence. If the moisture is too heavy or accidentally stained with water, just wipe it gently with a dry cloth. In addition, if you need to turn off the light for a long time, it is recommended to wrap it in a plastic bag and store it in a dry place.

Do you need to choose on-site?

Since each salt lamp has a unique shape and texture formed naturally, the actual product will inevitably be different from the photos on the online shopping platform, especially some high-priced raw ore salt lamps. If you care, it is recommended to go directly to the store and actually light the lamp on-site to see how the light transmittance and effect are; When purchasing through the Internet, you must focus on stores with a good reputation, and you can consult relevant questions through customer service in advance.


After reading this introduction, do you have a deeper understanding of salt lamps? Salt lamps derived from the grace of nature have the advantages of purifying the air, precipitating the soul and improving Feng Shui and emitting elegant beauty under the projection of soft lights. It can be said that it is more suitable to create an atmosphere. Friends who still feel hesitant may as well refer to this article and believe that they can find their favorite style soon.

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