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Choose Repairing Treatment For Hair Care

woman standing next to pink wall while scratching her head

Usually, in addition to shampoo, use moisturizing cream and hair care oil to moisturize hair. Many people also apply “rinse-free” hair cream before blowing and styling to resist high-temperature damage, such as a hairdryer and electric rod roll to their hair.

At the same time, hair cream can also repair annoying problems such as bifurcation and fracture, irritability and roughness caused by ultraviolet rays, dyeing, and perm.

Best choice for thick/hard hair and natural curl is Hair Cream

Haircare products for home use can be divided into many types, such as hair cream, hair oil, hair spray, hair conditioner, hair film, etc. The most important function of hair cream is to moisturize and supplement nutrients for hair, inhibit the roughness to a certain extent, and make the hair more supple and easy to comb. Therefore, it is especially suitable for those with manic hair, easy knotting, large hair volume, or damaged hair quality caused by scalding.

As long as the hair cream is applied, the beneficial ingredients will be absorbed into the hair and then repair the damage caused by perm and dyeing; Some products can even replace modeling products, which can be quite widely used. As long as you know how to make good use of hair cream, it is definitely not a dream to have beautiful hair.

Purchase points of hair care cream

First, we should share the two main points when purchasing hair care cream. As long as we master these skills, we can easily select products suitable for ourselves!

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Choose the appropriate texture according to the hair quality

Although they are all called hair care creams, the surface of each product is different. We must choose the characteristics of hair quality to avoid failure.

Light and transparent texture: suitable for thin and soft hair or less hair

For friends with less hair or thin and soft hair, the hair cream with a slight sense of water permeability can avoid the flat collapse of the hair root and then create a smooth and light hair feeling. However, it should be noted that if the hair is seriously damaged due to long-term ironing and dyeing, the products with too soft a texture may not be able to achieve the ideal moisturizing effect. At this time, please choose the style containing repair and protection ingredients.

Firm or thick texture: suitable for thick hair

The hair care cream with a high proportion of oil will also be solid in texture. It is not only suitable for those with large hair volume and thick and stiff hair but also for those who have trouble with rough and messy hair or find it challenging to make modeling. It is also highly recommended to use this hair care cream as hair makeup, which can restore the soft touch of the hair to a certain extent.

Select the appropriate ingredients according to the purpose

Repair the damaged hair, provide thermal protection for hair, and have the function of styling hair. The primary part of each hair cream depends on its ingredients. Therefore, don’t forget to confirm the relevant information on the product packaging or bottle when purchasing. Some Japanese goods belonging to products outside the Ministry of medicine will not mark all the ingredients.

Repair damaged hair: Focus on vegetable oil and moisturizing ingredients

If you want to repair the damaged hair caused by ultraviolet rays, hot dyeing, or hot air blowing, please choose a hair cream containing “moisturizing ingredients” and “vegetable oil.” In addition, some hair creams are specially designed for styling, and it must be confirmed in advance whether they can be used as non-flushing hair care products. The styles marked “can be used on wet hair,” “contain repair ingredients,” or “wash-free hair care” basically have the desired hair care effect.

Prevention of hair injury: Confirm the protective ingredients contained

Suppose you often need to carry out activities or work outside for a long time. In that case, the protective ingredients contained in the hair cream are essential. It can avoid the drying and fading problems caused by ultraviolet rays and high-temperature blowing and finishing of hairdryers and hair conditioners. When selecting, you may wish to pay attention to whether there are relevant words such as “anti-heat formula” and “anti UV formula” on the package or confirm the protective ingredients through the composition table.

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< Protective Ingredients >

  • Meadowfoam Delta-Lactone
  • Gamma-Docosalactone

Increase luster: choose products with coating components.

Once the hair is irritable and dry, it is easy to cause fatigue. Haircare cream containing coating ingredients can be said to be the best choice. In addition, most of these products can be used as hair makeup products for dry hair so that you can easily comb and straighten your bright and beautiful hair before going out. At the same time, if you choose a style with modeling ingredients, it can also make your hair more supple, obedient, and not warped disorderly!

< Coating Ingredients >

  • Polydimethylsiloxane
  • Cyclopentasiloxane
  • Hydrogenated Polyisobutene

< Modeling Components >

  • Polyacrylamide

FAQ about hair cream

Even if you choose the products you like, your hair care effect may be significantly reduced if you don’t know how to use them! Before the end of the article, let’s look at the correct use of hair cream.

How can I use hair cream to prevent my hair from becoming flat?

The rich, solid cream texture is an excellent moisturizing effect. Still, on the other hand, it may cause heavy hair to be overcoated. Therefore, it is recommended to use it in semi-wet hair.
After washing your hair, please dry the excess water with a towel, comb it with a comb, squeeze out an appropriate amount of hair cream in the palm, and then rub it with the palm to extend it. Then, focus on the hairtail, and then grab the hair from the inside with your fingers to evenly bring the product to the whole strand. Be sure to avoid the scalp during the process to not cause allergies and other problems. Finally, blow-dry the hair through the general hair blowing procedure to prevent the hair from looking flat!

What’s the difference between hair cream and a hair mask?

Both are for repair and moisturizing hair, but the film must be thoroughly cleaned after smearing. At the same time, the cream is primarily free of cream, which is relatively convenient. However, it should also be noted that although some products are named hair cream, their usages, such as moisturizing cream and hair film, must be rinsed separately. If you want to be mainly used for the repair before blowing the whole hair, please choose the type without rinsing.

Can hair cream be used as a styling product?

Some hair care creams have a firm texture or contain styling factors. They can be used to achieve a certain degree of styling effect after finishing the hair with a hairdryer or hair conditioner. When operating, you should also pay attention to avoid applying too much at the same place. Be sure to rub it with the palm and then use it evenly on the hair. At the same time, as long as you apply it from the inside of the hair to cover the palm, you can add light rhythmic movement to the hair.

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Readers may already use moisturizer after washing their hair, but if the hair is seriously damaged or want to prevent damage as soon as possible, why not try to strengthen the maintenance with hair cream? In addition to the washing hair care products used in shampoo, this time also introduces a variety of non-washing hair care creams that can be used before and after blowing. I hope everyone can choose the styles that meet their needs through this article and nourish bright and strong hair together!

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