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How Do You Polish Your Nails Like A Pro?

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When it comes to “nail beauty”, people may first think of “nail polish.” Still, “nail beauty” can refer to the whole process, from fingertip maintenance to nail polish coloring. The item used by nail beauty to color nails is “nail polish.”

However, there are many nail polish choices on the market, from affordable to professional. How to choose? In fact, the quality, durability and coloring texture of each nail polish is different. If you want to present a beautiful finger color just like that made by a professional nail beauty salon, please follow the introduction of this article to learn more about the tips when purchasing nail polish step by step.

“Coloring” and “Nail Beauty”

Generally speaking, in “nail beauty,” the items that nail beauty masters use to color their nails are called “nail polish.” “Nail beauty” includes manicures and finger care. Wait for the hand maintenance process; “Coloring” is only the process of coloring, using nail polish to paint beautiful colors on nails. Although sometimes the products sold on the market may vary in characteristics or usage, they refer to the “nail polish” we are familiar with.

Nail Polish Guides

When choosing nail polish, most people probably start with the color they like. However, there are also a few secrets to be known. First, we will introduce the purchase priorities that can avoid failure without actual color testing.

Choose according to skin tone

Suppose you want to use nail polish to set off your beautiful fingertips. In that case, it is recommended to refer to the following explanations and select suitable products according to different skin colors, such as fair skin and wheat skin.

A fair complexion is suitable for cold colors

White skin can control most colors, especially suitable for cold finger colors, such as blue, aqua blue, navy blue and blue-green. Colors with a sense of coolness can effectively set off the skin. When purchasing, you can choose your favorite monochrome from the blue system. In addition, neutral colors such as white or nude can create a sense of transparency, which is also quite suitable for people with fair complexion.

Yellowish skin is suitable for a warm tone.

For people with yellow skin or bronze complexion, if they choose the finger color of warm colors such as red, orange and yellow, it will better set off the moisturizing feeling of the skin; And close to Brown Beige, skin white and other earth color systems are also good options. However, the style with pearlescent or polarized light may appear darker and darker. Don’t forget to pay more attention when buying.

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Choose your favorite style type.

The texture and effect of nail polish can be divided into many different types, such as transparency, bright powder, pearlescent and other elements that will significantly affect the overall presentation and even are closely related to good coloring. I will explain it in this part.

Those who are not good at coloring recommend bright powder or dark basic models.

Nail polish added with bright powder, whether it is a small light spot or Sequin, can effectively reflect light and then modify the uneven surface, and the more sequins, the less noticeable the uneven color; The monochromatic opaque nail polish of the dark color system is not easy to show brush marks and shadows due to its saturated color. Basically, as long as this nail polish is careful not to smear the finger edge, anyone can efficiently complete the perfect fingering.

On the other hand, when essential monochrome fingernails are used, the white light nail polish appears uneven when coloring. Therefore, the brown or dark style will be more recommended compared with the pink light color.

Advanced or nail painting players can choose shell color.

The milky and clear shell color has a charming air feeling. However, it is not as transparent as bright nail polish. It will be pretty apparent if the paint is uneven when applied. Therefore, it is recommended to people who habit applying nail polish and are already very comfortable with the color. In addition, this type of color is also very suitable for nail painting. As long as you stick Rhinestones or sequins unevenly, it can be effectively modified and show exquisite nail art.

Pearl color for pro

Iridescent nail polish with beautiful color needs to control the dosage, brushing force and speed when coloring. Although it is not difficult for people familiar with using it and can easily create a delicate fingertip beauty with texture, it is relatively easy for beginners to risk failure. It is recommended to avoid it at the beginning.

How to Select?

Nail polish on the market ranges from cheap goods to international counter brands. The difference in price lies in “tone texture,” “gloss,” and “durability.” Generally speaking, the color of open shelf nail polish is standard. It is easy to produce mottled, fading and other problems; The international brand nail polish will have more special colors and have better performance in maintaining color.

As long as there is a slight difference in hue, painting on the nail will bring a completely different atmosphere. Therefore, friends who are exceptionally particular about color suggest starting from international brands. At the same time, because the durability of nail polish on the counter is better, even if the steps of base or nail polish are omitted, the color will not fade for a long time. As for open shelf products, they have the advantage of low price, which is very suitable for people who want to buy multiple colors at one time. However, don’t forget to include base oil and nail polish in operation at this time to ensure the perfection and durability of finger color.

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Quick-drying style is convenient and efficient.

Quick-drying nail polish is highly volatile. It does not need to wait for a long time after coloring. Some products can be dried and set in just 45 ~ 60 seconds. Even if you hurry to go out, you don’t have to worry. For example, in the case of the race against the clock during the lunch break or before going out, choosing quick-drying products must save a lot of trouble. However, the highly volatile formula may make the fingertip sticky, turbid and challenging to apply evenly. It is advisable to add a little nail polish diluent to help nail polish restore its original water-sensitive texture.

FAQ about Nail Polish

Even if you find the product you want to try through the above content, many people must still have some questions about nail polish. Therefore, the following summarizes common questions, hoping to solve your doubts first.

How do we improve the durability of finger color?

The greasy dirt attached to the nail surface can easily affect the durability of nail polish. Therefore, it is recommended to wipe it with a cotton pad stained with alcohol or degreasing water before coloring. It is best to add nail polish to help reduce the fading.

How should nail polish be preserved?

Nail polish should be stored in a cool and dry place to avoid the volatilization of the contained solvent, which will cause the texture to become thick and difficult to apply evenly. In addition, due to the frequent application of the scraping brush head back and forth at the bottle mouth, the residual oil may make the bottle mouth challenging to tighten, so it is recommended to remove it with a cotton pad after each use.

What is liquid latex for nails?

Some people have a small nail area or a large nail polish brush head, which may be contaminated on both sides of their fingers during the brushing process. Liquid latex for nails is a convenient prop born for this trouble. As long as it is applied around the finger edge, it can be removed after the nail polish is well used and completely dry.


Most people may only look at the color and price when buying nail polish, but the feeling of using it can not be ignored. Therefore, while choosing the color you like, you might pay more attention to the composition and texture and refer to the key points introduced in the article and the actual user experience of netizens. I believe you can gradually screen out the styles that meet your needs and easily decorate your fingertips with your own style.

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