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How To Choose Moisturizing Gel For Dry Skin?

After washing your face every morning and evening, you must replenish the lost water for your skin with makeup water and seal the moisturizing feeling with locked aquatic products. But at a distance of wet and stuffy weather, many people are far from the heavy skin of lotion and cream.

Now try a refreshing moisturizing gel. The proportion of oil in this kind of goods is low, and there are even models with or without fat on the market, which are very light and burden-free even in hot summer.
But is the moisture of gel or gel enough? How to choose from a wide range of options? It must be the common question of many novices in maintenance.

Recognize the characteristics of moisturizing gel

Many maintenance beginners may not know so much about the characteristics of the moisturizing gel. First, I will explain it to you from the following two aspects.

The difference between the cream and lotion is in the proportion of oil and water.

The products used for makeup water can be divided into a gel (condensation), lotion, and cream. Their main differences are in the proportion and texture of fat. The moisture content in the moisturizing gel is the highest, the oil content is the least, and even no oil is added. Therefore, the texture is the most refreshing, the flexibility is also quite good, and the appearance is usually transparent or translucent gel.

In addition, due to its relatively simple maintenance components, it can be said that it has the best penetration among the three types and is the best choice for moisture transmission to the substrate.

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Suitable for oily skin and humid season

Based on the above, the moisturizing gel has the advantages of low oil proportion, light texture, good water feeling, and penetration. It can prevent the skin from absorbing too much oil to produce a sticky consistency and even lead to acne. Therefore, it is especially suitable for men with solid sebum secretion or oil and acne muscle groups. In addition, even those with general skin may be perspired by sweating and oil in the hot and humid season. Try to replace the moisturizing products with gel during the day, and then use the refreshing lotion to enhance the repair.

Choose moisturizing gel

With some knowledge about moisturizing gel, let’s look at some tips that can’t be ignored when shopping.

Confirm moisturizing ingredients

Replenishing moisture for the skin and firmly locking the moisturizing degree can be the most essential task of the moisturizing gel, so the moisturizing degree is the first key point in the selection. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, neuraminic, squalane, and sodium lactate are common moisturizing ingredients. These ingredients are similar to the structure of human skin. In addition, there is less interference from too much oil in the gel, so they are easier to be absorbed by the skin and then play the functions of moisturizing, repairing, and defense.

Basically, the ingredient labels of skincare products are arranged in order of content. You may wish to carefully check the packaging text or the information on the official website before purchasing to help you preliminarily screen out the styles with rich moisturizing ingredients.

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Try to avoid alcohol and other irritants.

Since the moisturizing gel is a daily maintenance product, the simpler the formula is, the better. Therefore, confirming other substances through the ingredient list is also recommended. For example, parabens will be added to most products to extend the shelf life and avoid deterioration. Although its nature is relatively mild and safe compared with other preservatives, it may still cause allergic reactions in a few people. If possible, it is better to avoid it.

If the skin is susceptible, choosing products that do not contain alcohol is recommended to avoid redness and itching caused by excessive irritation. Secondly, there are many “no added” condenses for sensitive skin, which will be much more comfortable in the long run because they remove controversial ingredients such as preservatives, alcohol, artificial essence, and pigments.

Multi-effect products that are convenient and time-saving can also be considered.

It is not easy to take the time to use makeup, water, lotion, and essence to maintain the product. It is a quick and convenient choice to set up a multi-effect gel product with multiple functions. Only one bottle can meet all kinds of basic skincare needs in the morning and evening. In addition, many different ingredients are added to the products, such as aloe vera, anti-aging beneficial milk, white seed oil, or tea plants that control oil and relieve the pain. You can choose according to your skin condition.

On the other hand, when you want to regularly strengthen the maintenance of your skin, you might as well consider the “good night frozen film,” which is also a gel texture; It has an excellent moisturizing effect. Just wipe a thin layer before going to bed. You can use it to repair and replenish water at night so that there is no mistake between sleep and beauty. When the skin is full of water, it will be fuller and brighter the next day and make the makeup feel more comfortable.

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FAQ about Moisturizing Gel

After choosing your favorite style, you may still face some problems in use. Here are some common questions and explanations for you one by one.

What is the order of use of condensation?

The moisturizing gel is basically the same as lotion used after makeup, face washing, makeup water, and essence. It is the last procedure for the whole maintenance procedure to achieve the function of water locking and absorption of maintenance ingredients.

The thicker the coating, the better the effect?

Unless it is dehydrated skin and you want to strengthen moisturizing and soothing by occasional thick application, it is not recommended to apply excessive gel to avoid pore blockage due to too thick texture. At the same time, it is easy to feel stuffy and airtight.

How to avoid scraping?

When various maintenance and beauty products are overlapped, sometimes the so-called “scraping” condition occurs due to the interaction between components. Colloidal products are the most common. It is recommended not to rub vigorously during the application but to promote absorption by gently pressing. First, use the makeup water and facial mask to thoroughly lay the base. It also slows down the desquamation caused by poor drying and poor permeability.


After the detailed description of the article, do you all have a deeper understanding of moisturizing gel? There are many items of this kind of good on the market. If you feel confused, you might as well actually visit the physical store and confirm the details of the texture, skin touch, fragrance, and so on through trial, Or more reference experience and evaluation. I believe we can quickly screen out the ideal products.

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