manicure nail beauty

What Do You Need To Know Before Getting A Manicure Set?

manicure nail beauty

Many people often use a pair of beautiful hands and clean nails as the basis for judging others’ first impressions. In addition to beautiful finger colors, it is necessary to trim beautiful and neat nails. Therefore, we will introduce the nail enhancement tool group specially created for nail trimming.

However, there are many goods in the market, which must be a headache for you to buy for the first time. And the tools required for trimming, grinding, polishing and other steps are different. Therefore, this paper will introduce the key points that should be paid attention to when selecting. Whether you want to exfoliate or polish your nails, you can choose the most suitable style.

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The process of nail care is roughly divided into four steps: treating cuticles, trimming the length and shape of nails, surface polishing and moisturizing. The tools used in each process are different. Therefore, before actually confirming which tools are available, first briefly explain the armoring process.

Step 1: Trim the shape and length of the nail

Most people will trim with small scissors, but this is the leading cause of nail delamination. Therefore, it is suggested that the nail grinding rod can be used to gently adjust the shape and length of the nail.

According to the surface thickness, the nail grinding rod can be roughly divided into 80 ~ 220g (grid). The larger the number, the finer the particles. Suppose it is polished with too fine goods. In that case, it may take a long time to reach the ideal shape, so it is only suitable for fine-tuning details; Excessively rough nail grinding rod may cause nail damage, especially for people with thin nails. It is enough to use a style of about 150 ~ 180g when you first contact it.


Step 2: Cuticle trimming

Many protruding barbs, cuticles and other old waste cuticles near the finger edge. Usually, they are responsible for resisting the invasion of bacteria and foreign bodies. Still, when the water is insufficient, many barbed cuticles will be formed, which are unsightly and may be injured when they are accidentally pulled. Therefore, it is recommended to remove it regularly, making the area of the nails look larger. The base that can be played by people who like to make finger color is broader.

Before removing dead skin, you should first soften the cutin, so it is recommended to treat it after bathing or use finger oil to soften the skin. Then wipe off the softened cuticle with a push rod or wooden stick. You can also use cabbage scissors or soft tools such as cotton sticks and gauze.

Step 3: surface polishing

Using soft sponge polishing can polish the unevenness of the nail surface. Usually, 220 ~ 280g fine particles can eliminate the concave-convex visible to the naked eye and make the nail shinier. However, if you want to make the nail surface look brighter, you can use the polishing rod moderately. Only when performing this process should you be very careful. If you polish too much, it may cause the nail to be too thin and hurt the fingertip or even the skin under it. Do it once every 1 ~ 2 weeks.

Step 4: moisturize

Nails with insufficient moisture are prone to vertical lines or cracks. Although this situation will change due to the environment or physical condition, moisturizing can still maintain nail health. In particular, people who like to paint or polish their nail polish have to have beautiful nails before they can draw all kinds of beautiful shapes on them. Like the hand cream used for skin, many nail moisturizing products also have various fragrances to choose from, which makes you feel comfortable in maintenance.
Purchase points of nail enhancement tool group
The manicure tool group can be divided into manual, electric, and unique sets for various needs. When selecting the manicure tool group, you can choose according to your own needs and use methods. The following will explain the usage, advantages and disadvantages of various types and sets. Please refer to them.

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Decide whether to use electric or manual.

Since nail modeling began to become popular, various electric manicure tools also began to rise. Because there are not too complex ways to use it, you can easily care even at home; As for the difference between electric and manual.


The most significant advantage of the electric model is that it can complete all processes from shaping to polishing as long as the parts are replaced. It is recommended for those who want to shorten the maintenance time. However, although this type has high efficiency, it is easy to cause irreversible situations such as excessive grinding if you are not careful, so it is not recommended for beginners. The ideal effect cannot be achieved when the power is not enough, or the battery is not enough.


In fact, most nail salons take care of by hand. Therefore, according to the patience and skill of the manicurist, many delicate shapes can be made, and the risk of excessive nail grinding can be reduced. If you want to savor the DIY Nail enhancement process, you can try to perform it manually. Although the tools and procedures that need to be prepared at the beginning are complex, when you start, you will find that it can make more changes than electric nursing. Those interested in purchasing basic sets of equipment can start with the group at a low price first and then buy them at a low price.

Select according to the content of the set

As mentioned earlier, the steps of nail care are complex. Therefore, in addition to the complete nail care tool group, there are also horny care sets only to maintain finger edges. When selecting electrical products, you can also carefully check the matching devices. It is recommended to add complete tools. Suppose you manually use small tools such as a nail grinding stick and a wooden stick. In that case, you can flexibly use a variety of changes and then purchase goods according to the actual nursing situation.

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FAQ about Manicure Set

After finding out the selection direction suitable for you according to your needs, we have collected several problems that may be encountered during use, hoping to help you clarify all doubts at once.

  1. How to maintain and clean the manicure set?

    Most of the manicure sets on sale are made of stainless steel. It is recommended to disinfect them carefully after regular use to prevent infection caused by unclean tools. Basically, it is recommended to wipe the whole tool with 75% alcohol cotton after each use, or you can buy an ultraviolet sterilizer for more complete disinfection; In addition, when using nail tools, please handle them with care to avoid the knife-edge directly contacting the desktop or falling, to prolong the service life of the tools.

  2. What should I pay attention to when polishing nails?

    Generally speaking, as the nail grows, there will be some lines on the nail surface, more or less. The nail surface can be carefully leveled with a polishing rod to achieve the effect of shining like waxing; However, if the nail is polished too much, it is easy to cause the thickness of the nail to become thinner and then become fragile and easy to break. Therefore, the polishing frequency is recommended to be done once every three weeks to a month to maintain the proper thickness of the nail.
    The commercial polishing stick is usually designed on two or three sides. It is recommended to completely level the nail surface from the rough surface and then changes to the delicate surface polishing to achieve a pleasing effect; The polishing force should not be too solid and appropriate to avoid injury to the nail surface and finger edge skin. In addition, the polishing rod is consumable, which needs to be replaced regularly and placed in a dry place to avoid moisture, to keep the nail in a bright state after polishing!

  3. Where can I buy manicure set?

    In addition to Amazon, there are also many physical stores or markets selling high-quality manicure sets, which can be bought according to your consumption habits.

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