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Lip Balm: All You Need To Know About Lip Care

woman wearing red lipstick

The skin of lips is thin, so they are particularly vulnerable to external factors such as climate. If they are not well maintained, they may lead to dryness, peeling and even bleeding in the long run! At this time, “lip balm” with a repairing and moisturizing effect is your necessary helper.

In addition to the ordinary tubular lip balm, there are also many pot-shaped styles with better moisturizing power and durability. Do you feel a little confused in the face of a wide range of choices? In this article, we will share the knowledge and use skills of lip balm so that you can choose your own lip balm to take good care of your lips!

What is the canned lip balm?

The so-called lip balm refers to the ointment applied to the lips. Compared with the skin of hands, feet and face, the epidermis of lips is fragile. The oral mucosa is often exposed, so it is more vulnerable to the stimulation of the external environment. Lip balm has the advantages of UV protection and moisturizing repair. Still, many people use it to improve lip cracking and other problems.

The most common lip balm is usually presented in a tabular form, and canned products also protect the lips. However, its luster and moisturizing effect are usually more excellent. Its texture is soft and extensible, which can be easily absorbed by the lip skin. When using a clean finger pulp, cotton swab or small scoop, apply appropriately.

Guides about lip balm

There are many kinds of lip balm on the market. If you buy it by design or fragrance, you may purchase lip balm that is not suitable. Therefore, we will first introduce several vital points that must be paid attention to when selecting canned lip balm.

The purpose

The main functions of pot lip balm can be roughly divided into three types: “maintaining moisture,” “preventing dryness,” and “strengthening repair.” You must first identify your problems and needs before purchasing.

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Select the appropriate product according to the lip state

Lip lines are smooth without too many cuticles. You can use a general moisturizing lip balm to maintain a tender feeling or use a slightly colored lip balm to create a good look for this healthy lip. It is also a good choice for people who do not like a lip balm with transparent color and sticky texture. It is also recommended that you apply lip balm before applying lip gloss. It can moisturize your lips and help improve the effect of color makeup.

As for the season-changing period approaching autumn and winter, the lips may feel uncomfortable due to dryness, even peeling or slight cracking. It is recommended to use lip balm containing medicinal ingredients to prevent deterioration or make preventive improvements. Before going to bed at night, you can use the lip balm with the primary repair function to moisturize the lips that are dried by the wind, stimulated by ultraviolet rays, or wear lip balm all day.

If the lips have issued an alarm, such as severe peeling or bleeding, be sure to see a doctor and choose a style with therapeutic effect according to the doctor’s instructions. Because the medicinal Lip Balm contains medicinal ingredients, which may cause side effects, please remember to read the instructions carefully before use and follow the requirements of application times and dosage each time to avoid the burden on the lips.

Consider the use timing and environment

Melanocytes in the skin can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and produce melanin. Still, there is very little melanocyte in the lip, so it is particularly vulnerable to direct ultraviolet rays. In addition to pigment precipitation, cracking and peeling caused by drying, blisters may grow in severe cases. Do not neglect it.

Therefore, when purchasing lip balm, you can also choose products with SPF to give your lips the protection they need all year round. However, it should be noted that if the lip balm containing anti UV ingredients stays on the lips for a long time, it may cause some irritation to the skin, so it is best not to use it during sleep at night. In addition, remember to clean your lips when removing makeup to avoid the residue of sunscreen lip balm.

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Select the appropriate capacity

Due to the large opening area of the canned container, it is inevitable to be contaminated in the opening and closing room. In addition, it must be touched with the finger abdomen when using, which is likely to make the bacteria in hand adhere to the paste and breed bacteria, which will affect the quality.

Therefore, a large volume of lip balm is cost-effective. Still, if you consider using hygiene, it will be more reassuring to choose the book that can be used as soon as possible after opening, or dip it with a cotton swab or scoop instead of making direct contact with your hands.

In addition, some canned lip balm contains different moisturizing and moisturizing ingredients. It can also be used as hand cream or finger edge moisturizing cream except for the lips. It has a wide range of uses. At this time, it is no problem to buy a slightly larger model.

How to make the best use of lip balm?

Choosing a favorite lip balm is not easy, but with the correct use method to achieve the best effect. In particular, the skin on the lips is fragile, and no sebum film can protect against external irritation or dryness. Compared with other body parts, it can be said that it is tender. Therefore, even the best lip balm may have adverse effects if only applied. Before the end of this article, we would like to share three tips for using lip balm. Please refer to them together!

Based on “5 times a day.”

Speaking, eating, brushing teeth, making up, and other small actions in daily life will virtually cause a burden on the lips. Therefore, applying an appropriate amount of lip balm is necessary to avoid irritation and sensitive situations caused by frequent friction. Although it varies according to each person’s constitution and lifestyle, the most recommended time for use is basically brushing and washing your face, after bathing, after dinner, before going to bed, or when you feel particularly dry.

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Apply gently

Canned lip balm is solid, primarily paste. In addition to using a lip brush, we recommend that you take it with your fingers and use your body temperature to soften it a little before applying it. In this way, you can wipe it more evenly, and better control the friction force. At the same time, you can also promote blood circulation through the proper massage of your fingers. It is no longer difficult to have a natural and healthy lip color.

Vertical application can effectively absorb

Even if you use lip balm, your lips are still easy to feel dry. You might as well recheck the direction of the application! Since the lip lines and cracks in the case of dry damage are vertical, it is necessary to follow the vertical direction when applying lip balm to effectively penetrate moisturizing ingredients into the lips and reduce the burden of friction on the lips. In addition, many people have the habit of “rubbing lips” after applying lip balm. This action will also give unnecessary stimulation to the lips. Please pay more attention.


After reading all kinds of tips and lip care tips, do you feel you have benefited a lot? Finally, we would like to remind you again that if your lips are seriously dry or peeling and bleeding, please be sure to go to the hospital for consultation as soon as possible so as not to make the problem worse.

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