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How do you get positive energy in Feng Shui?

woman in brown knit sweater holding brown ceramic cup

Feng Shui, which harmonizes and balances energies, is a holistic way to improve your home, garden, or office. Good Feng Shui comes from good Feng Shui, which means good fortune. This is achieved by ensuring that all the essential sources of energy in places are well placed and in balance.

One such source of energy is the wind. In Feng Shui, the wind is considered a positive source of energy. Energy can find it in many places in society. The most critical wind is the one that comes from the breath of the creator, the Gaian wind. It is the source of all life in a Feng Shui space. There are many ways of getting positive energy. One way is through good Feng Shui practices. You can place a lotus in a room to increase the prosperity of the space.

Indoor & Outdoor design

Home color

The color in the home also has a particular impact on luck and other aspects. When arranging the home color, you can choose some colors to ease your mood, such as beige, white, and different lighter colors. It is recommended not to use deep colors such as black and coffee because these colors will make people depressed, listless, and have no motivation to do things. It is also best not to use some colors that jump, such as red and yellow, to not make people emotionally unstable, often lose their temper, and affect family harmony; Indoor lighting should be soft. Too strong or too weak light will affect your mood. Suppose you don’t know your preferences in life, five elements, and other aspects. In that case, it is recommended that the color of the wall in your home should be mainly white or beige, which is suitable for anyone. Don’t affect Feng Shui due to the pursuit of fashion. An excellent feng shui design is the right choice.

Indoor furnishings

The placement of many items in the home will significantly impact the mood. For example, the head of the bed cannot face the door because the air enters from the door, which will make people lying in bed often have emotional instability, headache, inattention, and so on. The best way is to move the bed to an appropriate position. According to Feng Shui, if the bed cannot be changed due to space problems, it should be adjusted and resolved.

The bedroom and study in some homes are the same room, and there is likely to be a tall bookcase near the bed. In this way, it is easy to make people feel oppressive, which will affect their personal mood and be unfavorable to their luck and health. If there is such a situation at home, it should be adjusted in time; In addition, the bedroom must be clean and tidy and keep the air fresh, so that the people who sleep in it can have a good rest environment, to enhance the aura, have a good mood and have good luck.

If you are interested in collecting handicrafts, you should also pay attention. It’s best not to put some strange works of art collected everywhere at home. Any items have a certain aura. These items may have a bad atmosphere and affect the ambiance at home, which is terrible for your luck. Especially, don’t put these handicrafts in the bedroom, making people uneasy, affecting sleep, and affecting their mood. You should pay more attention.

In the office, try to keep the desk tidy and clean. There may be a lot of files and other items, but they should not be messy. They should be classified and placed. Otherwise, they will affect your mood and fortune, and you can’t have an excellent attitude to invest in your work and life.

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Outdoor environment

The outdoor environment at home will also significantly impact people’s moods. When the outdoor environment has a heavy evil spirit, it will make people nervous. For example, the distance between the two buildings is very close. You can even see everything in your home from the opposite side, which will make people feel insecure and affect their mood; If there are pointed buildings outside the window, they are very close to their home or launch tower, which will not only make them emotionally unstable but also be harmful to their own and family health.

If you are in a bad mood due to too much pressure, you should find ways to calm yourself down. You can take time to exercise or go out on vacation. These are good ways to relieve tension, enhance the Qi field and alleviate your mood.

Placement & Orientation

Feng Shui is a Chinese cultural practice that involves the placement and orientation of the home, office, and garden to bring good fortune and health. The natural energies of the environment are believed to be brought into space by harmonizing with the surroundings. To do so, Feng Shui involves having positive energy in a room, as well as the removal of negative energy. To get positive energy in Feng Shui, you have to keep your negative energy out. Feng Shui can do this by using Feng Shui to keep the space clear of clutter and give the room a good Feng Shui layout. You can also do this by using Feng Shui to create a balance between the energies of the area. If you are using Feng Shui to keep your home or office healthy and balanced, you’ll need a green plant in the space. You can also put a green plant outside of the room.

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Science is based on the idea that any space full of positive energy is preferable to one lacking it. However, getting positive energy in Feng Shui can be challenging. You can do certain things to bring positive energy to your home or office. For example, you can have shrines for your ancestors or your favorite animals. These shrines will often have statues of a dragon or a snake. You can also have flowers and miniature paintings that represent your favorite things. If you are in a business, you can picture your desired outcome in your office. Feng means “wind,” and Shui means “water.” According to Chinese culture, water and wind represent good health. Thus, good fortune comes from good feng shui.

Five steps to transform Feng Shui Qi field

The principle of Feng Shui is to keep the house “neat and clean” and “ventilated and bright.” Teach you a simple geomantic omen method that you can apply. In five simple steps, you can immediately change the geomantic aura. You can feel good luck in a short time!

  1. Find out the dark corner wall of the home and clean it.
  2. Put new window or door photo on the wall. (Choose bright sunshine landscape or pattern)
  3. Purify the space with fragrance.
  4. Light a warm table lamp with a round bulb and keep it bright.
  5. Put a pot of green plants.

Feng Shui is all about gaining positive energy and balance. In Feng Shui, you can use various practices to bring in positive energy, such as feng shui cleansing, feng shui for wealth, feng shui for health, or feng shui for love. Each practice will require a different amount of time and effort. For example, feng shui cleansing requires a few hours of work. The key to feng shui is patience. You will need to wait for the right time to focus on your feng shui. When you practice feng shui, you must be patient to reap the benefits. You’ll need to wait for the right time to plant or move your plants or animals. You’ll need to wait for the right time to do renovations. The only tip for feng shui is to be patient.

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Express gratitude to your house, which will have deeper energy integration between you and the house. The method is as follows:

  1. Relax, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to settle your mind.
  2. Recall some happy feelings in life and fill yourself with gratitude.
  3. Thank you for your house and the living space he provided.

These methods are what you can do at home, and you can bring all kinds of good luck without spending any money. But good luck is definitely not achieved overnight. Take the above seven methods as a part of daily life. You will find that good luck always follows you.

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