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Why Is Hot Baths The Best Choice For Sore Muscles And Joints?

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The causes of muscle soreness or myalgia are muscle stiffness, excessive muscle force or muscle injury. In addition to proper rest and over-the-counter painkillers, hyperthermia or cold therapy is also an effective, safe and affordable way to relieve pain at home.

This article teaches you when and how to correctly apply a cold compress and hot compress therapy to help alleviate symptoms and prevent future complications.


In rehabilitation, hyperthermia is often used. The thermal effect of hyperthermia can effectively reduce pain and muscle tension. When used in painful parts (such as the back), it can relieve sore and tight muscles. In addition, hyperthermia can also increase the blood flow and metabolic rate, which can effectively help the injured tissue repair.

Hot baths are a great way to relax and detoxify your body. When you are using a hot bath, your muscles relax and your joints loosen up. When you have a sore muscle, you can use a hot bath to help with the pain and get yourself back to normal. When you have a sore joint, you can use a hot bath to help reduce the pain and get your joints back to normal. With hot baths, you are able to get the most out of your muscles and joints.

You can also use a hot bath to relieve muscle tension and stress, and to prevent the development of future injuries. Hot baths are a great way to get rid of any muscle pain or joint pain, or to prevent muscle or joint pain from occurring in the future.

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Take a hot bath to treat muscle soreness

Mode of action: Hot air can relieve muscles, eliminate pain and stiffness, promote blood circulation at the injured part and eliminate lactic acid accumulation. Non-inflammatory muscle soreness, such as overwork, muscle cramps and spasms, is suitable for taking a hot bath. Taking a hot bath is also effective in relieving muscle stiffness and joint inflammation.
Methods: the use methods of hyperthermia include a heating pad, hot bath, hot bath or hot compress in the painful part. Through a certain period of treatment, hyperthermia can achieve the best effect. 15 to 20 minutes of hyperthermia can help relieve muscle stiffness and tension. Moderate to high pain can be reduced by taking a hot bath for 30 minutes to two hours.

There are many reasons why a hot bath is the best option for your muscle pain:

  1. The heat of the water will relax your muscles and reduce your pain.
  2. The heat of the water will help your muscles to heal. Your muscles will become more flexible, and you will be able to train your flexibility safely.
  3. The heat of the water will help your skin to release endorphins.

Precautions: be careful when taking a hot bath to avoid scalding. Do not take a hot bath if it is inflamed, bruised or swollen. People who have vascular disease, diabetes, dermatitis, deep vein thrombosis, and Multiple Sclerosis should not use a hot water bath. Have heart disease or high blood pressure.

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Common home hyperthermia methods

We can enjoy the benefits of hyperthermia by using various methods that can heal the body, such as a hot compress bag, far infrared ray, hot water bath, etc. But what are the differences between these different forms of hyperthermia?

In addition to the ease of obtaining equipment, the most significant difference between these different hyperthermia methods is that they give tissue heat through heat conduction methods. There are three modes of heat conduction: conduction, convection and radiation? These basic principles will also be followed when using hyperthermia.

  1. Conduction
    This is the simplest method of hyperthermia, which is to put hot objects into direct contact with the body. The standard hot compress, hot water, and gel hot compress bags belong to this kind of heat therapy. The hot compress bag can be directly placed at the part to be heated, which is very suitable for muscle pain.
  2. Convection
    The most common form of convective heat is hydrotherapy. Soaking in hot water and continuous circulation can give the limb a heating effect. This thermal effect can promote distal blood circulation and is also very helpful for healing new wounds (but pay attention to the sterilization and cleaning of water).
  3. Radiation
    Radiant heat should be the most gimmicky way of hyperthermia, including far-infrared light and ultrasound. Radiant heat is the only method of hyperthermia without touching the limbs. Still, it brings the same thermal effect as the other two methods. The energy intensity of radiation must be inversely proportional to the square of the distance (the farther it is, the less hot it is, and it is easy to burn if it is too close). Therefore, special attention should be paid when using it.
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The endorphins will improve your mood and make you feel better. In the winter, it is not uncommon for you to have muscle pain or pain in your joints. This pain can be a result of over-stretching, cold weather, and exercise. For these types of muscle pain and pain in your joints, doctors and physical therapists recommend that you take hot baths. In a hot bath, the muscles become more supple and relaxed. This makes it easier to train your flexibility and soothe your muscles. It is also easier to get a good night’s rest when you have good sleep.

When you are experiencing muscle pain, your first instinct is to reach for an ice pack. You may be tempted to put that pack on for minutes at a time, but if you want to relieve your pain and feel better, you need to do more than just apply cold. You need heat. Your muscle pain will often be a result of a muscle injury. When your muscles are injured, they become tight, which may feel like a spasm. A hot bath is the best choice for muscle pain because it relaxes your muscles, improves circulation, and opens up your joints. It also increases your body temperature, which helps your muscles to heal faster.

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