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How to Choose Exfoliating Facial Mask For Anti-Aging?

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Use the exfoliating facial mask 1 ~ 2 times a week to help remove the old and waste horniness of the skin and deeply clean it, making a face look more flat, smooth and bright. However, many brands on the market have launched products with different ingredients.

We have to pay attention to whether they are moisturizing and whether the texture is excellent And other elements, it is unclear where to choose from.

Usage and effect of exfoliating facial mask

Exfoliating facial masks can help remove the old waste horniness and pore dirt that washing alone cannot remove. It can be applied 1 ~ 2 times a week to deeply clean the skin, making it smoother. As long as the gel or cream like the facial mask is evenly applied to the face, the completely dry facial mask can be peeled off after standing for a few minutes. The dirt and cutin of the residual pores will be removed through physical action.

However, we should pay special attention to that. Depending on the individual skin type or the part used, it may cause irritation to the skin. Therefore, when using this kind of goods, we should pay more attention to our skin condition and judge whether it is appropriate.

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Guides for choosing an exfoliating facial mask

Before looking at the product ranking or evaluation, the following will introduce the three elements that must be paid attention to when choosing an exfoliating facial mask.

Confirm the presence of moisturizing ingredients

The exfoliating facial mask usually needs to stay on the face for about 15-20 minutes. Suppose the moisturizing ingredient is added to the facial mask. It can help strengthen the water locking and moisturizing and prevent the skin from losing water when waiting for the facial mask to dry. For example, you can pay attention to whether the products contain moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, amino acid, or collagen to reduce the burden of skincare products on the face.


Whether you want to apply it on the whole face or focus on some skin, you should choose products with a soft texture that can be used evenly to be better torn off after drying. For this reason, it is better to select a smooth facial mask such as cream or gel; As for the facial mask that is too hard or sticky, it may not be evenly applied to the skin or even be difficult to tear off. You may want to try it or ask for a trial package for confirmation before purchasing.

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Drying time and irritation

To be used continuously for a long time, the key is the feeling after actual use. The universal exfoliating facial mask needs to wait for 15 ~ 20 minutes to remove. Many goods can be left standing for 20 ~ 30 minutes. If you are busy in daily life and can not spend such a long time waiting, it is recommended that this point be taken into account when purchasing.

In addition, when some products are torn off, the skin is easy to be stimulated and feels pain. At this time, you can refer to the online evaluation or product features to select the facial mask that will not burden the skin. In addition, in addition to being used on the whole face, there are also products for strengthening parts on the market, such as parts where cutin is easy to accumulate and become rough, such as the chin or nasal wing. It is believed that the effect of such products will be more significant after use.

Precautions when using the exfoliating facial mask

Before using the exfoliating facial mask, the first thing is to fix the hair with hair bands and other items. It is difficult to remove the hair after it is accidentally stained with the facial mask and dried. Another thing is to stay on the face for enough time to make it dry. If you peel off the facial mask before scorches, it will significantly affect the exfoliation effect. Given this, it is recommended to use it when sufficient time and remember to wait patiently. After drying, you can tear it slowly from the hairline or lower jaw to prevent the facial mask from cracking and remove it altogether.

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Maintenance after applying

The skin can easily absorb the maintenance ingredients after using the exfoliating facial mask to remove the old and waste horniness and deeply clean the pores. If you do an excellent skincare job at this time, the effect will be even better. Choosing appropriate skincare products according to your own skin type is recommended, and paying attention to the skin irritation caused by tearing off the facial mask. Therefore, when applying skincare products, you should be gentle and not rub them vigorously to increase the burden on your face.


The above description of exfoliating facial masks and the introduction of recommended popular products will help readers further understand this product? Choosing a suitable product can help the skin metabolize old and waste cutin, remove the dirt accumulated in pores for a long time and make the subsequent maintenance more efficient. Only when using, remember to pay more attention to your skin condition to avoid the burden caused by excessive stimulation. Don’t forget to carry out the maintenance procedure with gentle methods to maintain the skin and make it continuously smooth, bright and radiant.

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