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6 Moves To Eliminate Thigh Fat

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Summer is coming. Ladies are generous to sun out beautiful legs. It only takes a week to lose weight in a short time! Share a weekly short leg slimming method that can reduce thigh fat and solve the problem of edema in less than 10 minutes before going to bed every day.

You can quickly practice lengthening your legs. This action set can also be done while playing with your mobile phone. You can have slender and beautiful legs when lying down. It is very suitable for lazy you. Learn it quickly!

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Lazy people quickly thin their legs in 6 actions. Lie down for one week to shape the perfect leg line!

1: Bend your knees and cross your legs:

First, lie flat on the yoga mat, put your hands under your hips, cross your feet, bend your knees down and lift your legs up.

2: Lie on your side and lift your legs:

Then go to the outside of your thin thighs. Lie on your side or directly on the yoga mat, support your upper body with your hands and lift one leg. The height can be adjusted according to your personal situation, and the toes should be stretched. At this moment, you will feel the stretch of the inner thigh. When you put down your leg, you should move slowly and don’t fall to the ground, which will be effective! Do 30 times on the left and right feet.

3: Kneel and sit up:

This action can help us get rid of the thigh meat that is difficult to lose. Open your knees wider than your shoulders, kneel on the yoga mat, keep your body vertical, and be careful not to hunchback.
Repeat sitting and rising 50 times. At this time, the vacated hands can change the phone or watch Netflix.

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4: Arch bridge:

Lie back on the yoga mat, step on the yoga mat with the soles of your feet, put your hands vertically and horizontally next to your body 2, and try to lift your hips when you breathe in. This action can improve not only muscle looseness but also raise the buttocks. A group of 20 can be done in 3 groups.

5: Calf stretching:

The next step is to stretch the tendons, extend the leg muscles, and the lines will become beautiful. Spread your feet about the width of your hips and try to adjust and straighten your legs. Beginners can bend their feet first, keep their back straight, press their palms evenly on the floor, gently push their chest towards their hips, and drive their hips to push upward simultaneously. Then, lift the heel of one foot and press it down. The left and right feet alternate, like walking in place, 30 times on the left and 30 times on the right.

6: Thigh stretching:

Kneel on one knee and relax on the ground, take a big step forward with the other leg, put both hands on the knees, pay attention that the knees cannot exceed the toes, keep your head straight, chest and abdomen closed, press your hips down, and sit down as far as possible. Alternate your legs for 2 minutes on each side.

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