gray fabric loveseat near brown wooden table

Decorate Home With Feng Shui In Mind Effect You and Your Family

gray fabric loveseat near brown wooden table

Feng Shui is a Chinese practice that creates a balance between the five elements. It is an art that was developed over 3000 years ago in China. Moving a few things in your home or office can change your luck and life.

The key is to not just focus on the outside but to look at the inside and make changes there. If you are interested in Feng Shui, you can follow a few easy steps. When decorating with Feng Shui in mind, there are a few things to consider. The first is that your home should have a focus. That focus can be a color, a painting, or an item. Second, you need to keep doors open, and windows closed. Finally, it would be best if you found balance in your life.

Indoor Feng Shui

From the perspective of Feng Shui, let’s take a look at what can be improved in the home environment? In fact, basically, keeping the environment clean, bright, and tidy can make the wind and water flow smoothly, naturally, relax the body and mind, and naturally improve the upbeat mood. It’s better to take advantage of this opportunity to reorganize the home space!

Living room & Porch

The first is the entrance to the first encounter, which is the facade of the home and one of the main breath ports. In Feng Shui, it is like the goalkeeper of family health and wealth. In Feng Shui, clutter and smelly smell are prohibited at the entrance, especially the scattered shoes, which quickly affect interpersonal relationships and bring bacteria into the home to affect health. The first step to rectify the house is to sort out the shoes and put them into the shoe cabinet by category!

The “wealth position” often heard in Feng Shui is in the living room. The most important thing here is to keep it clean and tidy. A bright and transparent space can naturally attract good luck. In addition to the essential tidiness and ventilation, you can also find the wealth position in the home and place the goods to deepen the effect of wealth opening!

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The space where everyone stays at home the longest is definitely the bedroom! Sleep alone takes up about eight hours. One-third of the day is here, which dramatically affects health and fortune. First of all, pay attention to the position of the bed. It is suggested that the bed should be on the wall, but the head of the bed should not be against the window, which represents a stable fortune and backing. On the health side, it is easy to catch a cold at the head of the bed against the window, and then do not put too many sundries at the end of the bed, which is accessible to leads to scattered wealth! Check if you have accidentally made a big mistake!

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The bathroom is often a space that everyone will ignore in their home, but in fact, the bathroom represents a place to eliminate filth in Feng Shui. It is a crucial relay station to say goodbye to bad things and usher in good luck! Therefore, the bathroom must be ventilated and dry. The use of air circulation can ensure the smooth development of wealth and career. No wonder many people run to brush the toilet when they are unlucky. Apart from Feng Shui, from the perspective of health and hygiene, keeping the toilet clean and damp can make the body and mind healthier! You can also put flowers and small plants in the bathroom to make the negative toilet more sunny and energetic!

white ceramic bathtub near green potted plant

Light Matters

When I was a child, I heard my parents say that the home should not be dark and the windows should be opened for ventilation, which is also the only rule to be observed in creating good Feng Shui! Use the design and color matching of curtains to create a bright indoor space, making the mood more open. If you want to eliminate the dark and narrow room, start with replacing the double curtains!

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Planting flowers and ornaments

Clean up your home and put your things in order. After these basic skills are achieved, the advanced class can use plants and flowers to add to your good luck. Remember not to put fake plants or flowers at home, quickly leading to discord with your peers. You can lock the living room, dining room, porch, bathroom, and other areas, place flowers or plants, especially the wealth of the living room. It is recommended to put green plants with a strong vitality and not easy to wither. Let the money roll in!

brown-and-black wooden 5-piece dining set

Family Harmony

Feng Shui involves the systematic harmonization of individuals and their environments. Therefore, changing your spaces will go a long way in changing your energy. If you want to improve your luck, you can start decorating your home with Feng Shui in mind. Feng Shui is about changing your energy and positive Qi to create a more harmonious space for you and your family. If you want to enhance your luck, you can start decorating your home with Feng Shui in mind. Feng Shui is about changing your energy and positive Qi to create a more harmonious space for you and your family. Decorating your home with Feng Shui in mind can enhance your luck and remove obstacles.

Inner Peace

Feng shui is a philosophy and art that emphasizes harmonizing individual, natural, and cosmic forces to create balance. Suppose you are interested in learning more about Feng shui. In that case, you should know that it’s not just a decorating philosophy but also one that can help you to change your luck. It’s a philosophy that can teach you to keep your living space and energy in good balance.


Energy Flow

Feng Shui is not a new concept, so you may be wondering what the relevance is today. The reason that Feng Shui is so popular is that we are so overwhelmed by technology in the modern world. Feng Shui is a great way to simplify your life by getting back to a simpler time when you could easily live without the internet, computers, and other technology that we currently rely on. If you want to start practicing Feng Shui, you can start by rearranging your furniture to create a better flow of energy. You can also change the colors of your home and make sure that they match your personality. Flowers are a great tool to have in your home. They are an excellent way to bring color and life into a space.

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Any beautiful external Feng Shui can not solve the internal disharmony of Feng Shui. We are not unfamiliar with such a scene: the same room and the same furnishings. Still, different people live in various energy fields. A peaceful, friendly, self-cultivation, positive and healthy person forms a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the room, making you feel nostalgic and amiable. With emotional anxiety and inner tension, the other person seems to be floating disharmonious factors in his space, making him escape in no hurry. This is why many people invite monks and lamas to meditate in their own houses, to achieve the purpose of “raising houses by people” with their fresh and pure energy. The mental cultivation of residents is the best Feng Shui element. Churchill once said, “If we build a building in any shape, the building will determine us in what shape.”

Each of us is the result of our own lives, and we are fully responsible for our current situation. ” What kind of environment we create, the environment also affects us. On the contrary, we are also affecting our environment.

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