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What Does Conditioner Do For Women’s Hair?

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Want to have smooth, non-knotted hair? Try conditioner to solve the problem of hair irritability! Rich in oil and maintenance ingredients, hair cream can moisturize dry hair and make the whole look soft and shiny.

The brands and styles of hair lotion are diverse, and the effect and purpose of each one are very different. How to choose must be distressing. Therefore, we will explain the purchase methods of conditioner for other hair qualities, including the differences between “conditioner” and “hair mask” and the correct moisturizing order. After reading this article, I believe you can also find a great choice to take care of your shiny hair.

Effect of conditioner

The moisturizer can make the hair smooth without knotting. It can form a protective film on the hair surface to reduce the electrostatic problems that are easy to occur in a dry environment. In addition, if compared with the hair care products and hair films with the same repair effect, the moisturizer is basically not much different except that the content of dimethicone, moisturizing and repair components is low.

Conditioner guide

The ingredients of conditioner suggested by different hair qualities are also other. Next, we will introduce the common elements in commercial products and their improved effects. Let’s have a look!

Choose according to hair length and problems

When you hesitate to buy a moisturizer, it is generally recommended to start with your hair length, hairstyle and hair problems to be handled. The following will deeply analyze the moisturizer style suitable for everyone according to different hair quality states.

With dimethicone

Choosing products with dimethicone and other repair ingredients is recommended for people with long hair, damaged hair, or thick and stiff hair. These ingredients can form a protective film on the hair to prevent the crisis of bifurcation or fracture and make the hair look more supple. If you are particularly concerned about hair damage, you can confirm whether the product is rich in moisturizing ingredients.

Without dimethicone

Although dimethicone moisturizer can increase hair softness, for people with short hair or thin and soft hair, it will collapse the hairstyle and make the amount of hair look less. Therefore, for people with thin and smooth hair, it is recommended to use a general conditioner without dimethicone, creating a fluffy feeling from the hair root and making the hair look lighter and natural.

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Amino acids

Dyeing, scalding, and bleaching may cause hair damage to create a bright look. At this time, it is necessary to choose a hair moisturizer containing amino acids to supplement nutrients for dry hair and achieve the effect of moisturizing and repairing. However, suppose it is seriously damaged and cannot be improved by using moisturizer alone. In that case, it is recommended to use it with other hair care products.

Water replenishment and oil balance in case of irritability and bifurcation

Suppose the hair is easy to lose water and dries due to low environmental humidity. In that case, it is recommended to choose a moisturizing effect and Oil conditioner, which can effectively lock water and avoid problems such as irritability and bifurcation caused by insufficient hair moisture.

Oil-water balance

Dryness or excessive moisture may cause the problem of hair curling. It is recommended to use moisturizing hair milk, focusing on oil-water balance and enhancing the brightening effect. Although it is difficult to improve the natural curling problem, for people who are vulnerable to climate and curling, long-term use of this type of goods will have the opportunity to fundamentally improve the curling problem.

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Pay attention to the ingredients that are easy to cause scalp skin discomfort.

Depending on their constitution, some people may have an itchy, inflamed, inflamed and dry scalp due to the dimethicone component in the hair lotion. In addition, if the product is added with artificial pigment and other ingredients, it may also produce irritating discomfort when it is not washed and remains on the scalp. It is recommended that people with sensitive skin carefully confirm the ingredients before buying hair lotion.

It is not necessary to use the same series of hair care products.

Major brands often launch shampoo and conditioner products belonging to the same series. Although the consistency of the series of products in aroma and use experience is high, and there are also commodity styles with complementary effects, it does not mean that all series of products have added repair power. Especially for people with severe hair problems, if the favorite hair care series does not contain the corresponding repair ingredients, it is recommended to apply the medicine to the case and choose other brand products that can solve the problem.

Correct use of conditioner

Before using hair cream products, confirm the “instructions” printed on the conditioner. Since the appropriate dosage of each component is different, it is better to apply it according to the recommended dosage marked on the product.

In addition, due to the breakneck adsorption speed of hair, when used, it can be cleaned as long as the paste thoroughly contacts all hair filaments. As long as the ingredients of the product will not stimulate the scalp, the moisturizing touch of the hair lotion can be moderately left when washing. However, suppose the conditioner contains highly irritating ingredients. In that case, it is recommended to pass it to avoid the burden on the skin.


Although the conditioner has various textures, it will change into a refreshing touch after applying it to the hair, so you can safely choose the consistency you like. Whether dimethicone is added or not has little to do with the effect of hair lotion. As long as there are enough alternative ingredients such as softener and vegetable oil in the formula, it can also have an excellent straight effect. I hope you can make good use of this information and find the most suitable conditioner.

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