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A Complete Guide to Using Body Lotion

body lotion

There are hundreds of body lotion on the market. Apart from the well-known brands, all types of products suitable for drying and sensitive skin, organic or natural ingredients can be said to have everything, and the price distribution is quite extensive. I believe you will be very curious about how to find the most suitable products.

Before entering the contest, to let everyone have a better understanding of the characteristics of body lotion, we will first explain the status of several items in the form of questions and answers. The contents also contain descriptions of standard components.

What is the difference between lotion and lotion?

The most significant difference is texture, whether it is lotion, lotion, or moisturizer. The lotion introduced in this paper can form a water retention layer and lock water on the skin because of its high oil composition, heavy texture, and sticky texture. Although some people will feel that wiping is too moist, it can play a fundamental moisturizing role for dry muscles or winter. Texture, wetting, and good push lotion can also be considered for other occasions. If they can interact with each other, they are also a good choice.

How does dry muscle choose body lotion?

Generally speaking, the higher the oil content, the better the moisturizing effect will be. Therefore, people with dry muscle can first check whether the principal elements in the composition list contain oil; In particular, shea butter, horse oil, and vaseline are recognized as elements that can form a water locking film to moisturize the skin. In addition, moisturizing factors such as neuraminic and collagen are closely related to the moisturizing effect. You can also pay special attention to them when checking the ingredient list.

Do you use a weak body or skin condition? Does Canon use body lotion?

Similarly, just confirm the ingredient list in advance. First of all, try to avoid products containing preservatives, spices, and other additives. If you are not sure whether they are suitable for your skin, you must take a skin test before buying. It is added that if the product contains stearyl alcohol Glycyrrhizinate, allantoin, and other ingredients, it will also help regulate the skin and prevent acne and other problems. If there is any relevant demand, it can also be considered.

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Does body lotion smell good?

Like the general skin care products, the body lotion is also divided into fragrance-free and fragrance types. Especially many fragrance brands in the market have launched such products, and there are many natural sources of incense so that sensitive skin can also be used. The familiar fragrance also includes flowers and citrus, which can be selected with bath milk and other products to create a more consistent sense of comfort.

When to apply body lotion best?

The general body lotion is recommended to be used within 10 minutes after the bath. This is because, after a shower, the moisture of the body’s skin will drop rapidly. If you can wipe it quickly, you can help lock the water. When brushing, it can slowly move inward from the outside of the body and significantly strengthen the lower body, joints, and other places with less sebum secretion; At the same time, be sure to apply it according to the recommended dosage of the product, to avoid excessive friction of the skin if it is too small.

In addition to moisturizing ingredients, soothing ingredients such as potassium glycyrrhizate and allantoin and whitening ingredients such as tranexamic acid are the key to obtaining high scores. Therefore, the external products of pharmaceutical parts added with medicinal ingredients are generally highly praised. On the other hand, essential oils, alcohol, spices, etc., may have different reactions due to individual skin types, which may not apply to everyone. In particular, many unique products will add a solid fragrance to the lotion. Readers who are easy to smell, dizzy, and have headaches must be tested before deciding.

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Many products that boast natural ingredients may have significant effects due to personal skin type. Different products even have a water content difference of more than 50%. If the formula contains many plant extracts, it is recommended to try it before making a decision.

Because everyone’s skin condition is different, and each body lotion has its own advantages, all flavors and textures are different. How to choose it is still a matter of personal preference. I hope today’s article can help you find a good product suitable for yourself, comfortable and moist as soon as possible!

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