Bath Salts For An Actual At Home SPA Experience

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At the end of a busy day, washing away the dirt and fatigue on your body is the happiest enjoyment. At this time, mineral-rich bath salt is added to the bathtub to relieve physical and mental exhaustion through a warm and fragrant hot bath.

You can experience spa-like healing at home even if you don’t go out. However, there are many kinds of bath salts on the market, including dead sea salt, Himalayan rock salt and other ingredients, and products with different fragrance essential oils. Which one is suitable for you? Don’t worry; this article will introduce the key points of choosing bath salt. Don’t miss it, whether it’s enjoying the fragrance around the bath or the smooth skin touch after washing!

What is bath salt? What are the benefits of using it?

Since ancient times, Germany and other European regions have improved health through herbal baths and hot spring spas. Such ancient wisdom of self-cultivation has been extended to modern times, and the product “bath salt” was born. Dissolving bath salt in bath water can enjoy its fragrance, help promote blood circulation through high temperature, and slightly prolonging the bath time can also help sweat. In addition, the fragrance essential oil in bath salt can help the body fully relax and maintain the temperature of bathwater. There are many beautifully packaged goods on the market and styles suitable for children. You might as well compare them when selecting.

Bath Salt Guides

Bath salt can be divided into many types according to different raw materials, ingredients, formulas, and needs. The following article will introduce the kinds of bath salt and the critical points in selection in detail.

There are two kinds of raw salt, which can be selected according to the skin type and purpose of use.

The common raw materials of bath salt can be divided into natural salt, including dead sea salt, rock salt, sea salt and cathartic salt (magnesium sulfate). What are the characteristics of these crystalline salts? Keep reading!

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If you want to sweat by taking a bath, natural salt is better, and dead sea salt is better.

The natural salt with sodium chloride as the main component will adhere to the skin surface and exert the water locking effect after dissolving in the bathwater. Natural salt can also be divided into dead sea salt, sea salt, rock salt and other types according to different places, and bath salt commodities with dead sea salt have an expected effect on helping to sweat.

Epsom salt is skin-friendly and dissolves quickly.

The ingredient of Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, the most common raw material of bath salt on the market. It is easy to dissolve and helps relax muscles and promote blood circulation in the hands and feet. Most of the products with Epsom salt as the primary raw material have no fragrance. They are suitable for both men and women. It is also recommended if the skin is sensitive.

For the style with solid aroma before dissolution, the fragrance experience when bathing is better.

When taking a bath with bath salt, if you can immerse yourself in your favorite fragrance, I believe the effect of relaxing your body and mind will be more significant. The bath salt on the market is also pleasant and nonspicy, so whether it can really emit fragrance after dissolution is the key. Since the aroma of bath salt will be significantly weakened after voiding. It is actually the proper degree if the smell is a little strong during selection.

In addition, it is also an excellent way to use bath salts with different flavors according to your mood or state. The following briefly introduces several applicable occasions of popular fragrances.

  • Lavender: Relax after consuming considerable physical strength or before going to bed
  • Rose: Comfort feeling
  • Citrus: Calms, precipitates, and reorganizes the mood
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As a gift, it is recommended to choose popular products of well-known brands

When giving trouble gifts, bath salt can be a good choice. If you can master the preferences of the gift-giving object, you can choose the aroma type that the other party will like; When you have no clue, you might as well select an exquisite gift box group composed of a variety of colors and aromas. In addition, most people may hold the impression that bath salt is a female product. Still, in fact, bath salt relieves muscle soreness and relaxes pressure and relaxation. It is also ideal as a gift for men.

Usage of bath salt

The usage of bath salt will vary slightly according to the types of raw materials. The recommended dosage of the two raw materials is listed below.

  • Natural salt: add about 40 ~ 100g bath salt to 200 ~ 300L bathwater
  • Laxative salt: add about 200 ~ 300g of bath salt to 200 ~ 300L of bathwater

However, due to the different formulas of various commodities, it is recommended to refer to the packaging instructions before use to not affect the experience due to incomplete dissolution caused by excessive addition.

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Use other than bathing

In addition to adding bathwater, as long as the bath salt is poured into a small plate and placed indoors, it can be used as a home fragrance. Some products can also be used for body exfoliation. Mixing a small amount of warm water and gently rubbing the skin can remove the old and waste horniness. It is most appropriate to maintain the skin once a week.

The secret of half body bath

When soaking in the half body bath, it is most appropriate to use bathwater of about 40 degrees. The amount of water can reach the height under the chest when sitting in the bathtub. When the time is 20 minutes, check whether you are sweating and your heart beats slightly faster. Due to the lack of water, the sweating effect will also be reduced. Therefore, you might as well supplement water before taking a bath.


Whether it’s cold weather or you want to relieve your fatigue, you can have a simple bath treatment at home as long as you have bath salt. Are you also excited? Even if there is no bathtub at home to soak the whole body, washing your feet in a washbasin or bucket is another way to relax and press. I hope the introduction of this article can help you choose the ideal goods suitable for yourself and add different pleasures to your life and enjoy the bath time of bath salt!

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