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Anti-Aging Serum Skincare Routine For Your 30S

Anti-Aging Serum person holding amber glass bottle

In their 20s, most people can maintain a good state even if they don’t take special care of their skin. However, after coming to the age of 30, problems such as dryness, fine lines, spots or dullness will surface one by one, making people feel that the used care products were not strong enough.

At this time, you might as well try to add “Serum” to the maintenance steps. The skin’s moisture retention and defense will slowly decline with age, while the Serum can multiply the moisturizing power. At the same time, according to different ingredients, it is also helpful to prevent sunburn, whitening and aging. This time, we will explain the purchasing skills of the Serum for 30 generations of ethnic groups and strictly select ten recommended products for reference. I hope everyone can find products that meet their needs, prevent early aging symptoms and leave only charm and no trace on the skin!

Serum suitable for age of 30 women

When entering the age of 30, not only may life usher in various changes, but skin problems that have never existed in the past will gradually become obvious. This is the best time for the new force of “Serum.” First of all, let’s look at the tips we should pay attention to when purchasing Serum.

Choose the right beauty ingredients

Dry skin, lack of luster and elasticity are typical troubles of many ethnic groups of 30 generations. However, regardless of age, most skincare products are developed around the three principal axes of moisturizing, preventing dark spots (or whitening) caused by sun exposure and anti-aging. Therefore, they must be screened according to the problem points they want to improve.

The most recommended moisturizing ingredient is “Ceramide.”

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Generally speaking, Serum, cream, and other skincare products contain moisturizing ingredients. However, it is still recommended to carefully confirm the relevant labels when purchasing. Natural moisturizing factors such as ceramide, hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, and NMF are common moisturizing ingredients.

Among them, ceramide originally existed between human stratum corneum cells, which significantly impacts whether the skin can retain water or not. Especially after entering the 30th generation, ceramide will gradually decrease, which will cause various problems such as skin dryness. Therefore, moderate supplement is vital.

Vitamin C inducer that can prevent sunburn and depression

Suppose the primary purpose of using Serum is to avoid sunburn and freckle hyperplasia. In that case, products containing placenta, tranexamic acid, chamomile extract, rucinol or nicotinamide are good choices. In addition, “vitamin C inducer” has attracted much attention in recent years.

Although vitamin C has many benefits for the skin, it has some disadvantages, such as unstable structure and difficulty penetrating into the cuticle of the skin. The vitamin C inducer perfectly overcomes these problems. It can help inhibit melanin production by preventing spots and dullness caused by the sun. At the same time, it can give the skin elasticity and transparency through the moisturizing effect. Therefore, it is also very suitable for friends who have suffered from ultraviolet rays for many years and have the feeling of dry or dull skin.

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The styles with anti-aging ingredients are also worth noting.

With the increase of age, the skin’s water content will gradually decrease, and the amount of sebum and naturally generated collagen in the human body. When the skin loses these protective layers, it will begin to dry, lose elasticity, and even have disordered skin texture. If you are faced with physiological changes such as pregnancy and production at this time, various skin problems may follow. Therefore, it is essential to maintain it persistently.

Although the so-called “anti-aging” will have different definitions, polyphenols and vitamin C inducers are recommended ingredients to help the skin return to healthy. Many brands will also develop unique anti-aging formulas. Don’t forget to carefully read the relevant product descriptions when purchasing.

According to the season or skin condition, moderately change the suitable texture.

Women’s skin conditions will change due to seasons or hormones. Therefore, the selection of skincare products should also be adjusted and replaced appropriately. Using the more suitable gel for the skin with a fresh and thick texture in summer is recommended. The gel is more suitable for the skin with a new and thick texture in summer.

It is worth noting that many people with sensitive skin will choose the Serum of water texture. Still, the thick style is easier to penetrate into the muscle bottom, and the skin affinity is milder. The same is true for people who want to strengthen their moisturizing power. Compared with the clear texture like make-up water, the moisturizing effect of gel or thick Serum is usually better. The reason is that the water texture is easy to evaporate and even takes away the skin’s moisture. Therefore, it is best to avoid drying the skin as much as possible.

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Advertised all-around products may not be the best.

Many all-around care products are appealing to all in one on the market. It is relatively cost-effective to deal with skin conditions with only one bottle. Still, the content of each component may also be reduced, which may not achieve the ideal maintenance effect. In addition, most of the ingredients with a scope of less than 1% will be listed in random order. It is difficult to see the content proportion of each component, which can be said to be one of its disadvantages. Therefore, if you have a skin condition problem that you particularly want to improve, it may be better to choose a skincare product that can suit the remedy to the case.


After reading today’s introduction, I believe you have more concepts about the selection of Serum. Although the selling price of Serum is usually higher than that of essential maintenance products, it does not need too much each time, and the maintenance effects such as moisturizing are also excellent. Your friends about to turn 30 might as well invest in a product to pamper your skin!

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