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When should you use AHA gel on skin care routine?

man wearing mud mask

Because the facial skin is often exposed to the external environment, coupled with today’s air pollution and wearing masks for a long time, it is easy to cause pore blockage or acne problems, or it is plagued by rough, dry, and itchy elbows and knees. At this time, AHA Gel maintenance products are indispensable to replace the stratum corneum.

There are many kinds of AHA Gel maintenance varieties, and there are many kinds of essence and cream types. The contents of AHA Gel, almond acid, salicylic acid, and so on are different. There are so many details that people can’t help feeling confused when shopping.

Metabolize the AHA Gel of skin defects

AHA Gel (AHA) can be extracted from various natural fruits and vegetables. It is a natural water-soluble acid. Common ingredients include glycolic acid, citric acid, lactic acid, etc. Although mandelic acid is also an AHA Gel, it is not water-soluble but fat-soluble. Both BHA and salicylic acid are mainly extracted from willow bark and belong to the fat-soluble acids.

Water-soluble AHA Gels can quickly metabolize cutin because of their small molecular weight and fast penetration and absorption. It can moisturize and make the skin delicate and bright white. When the concentration is high enough and the pH value is low enough, it can penetrate the dermis and promote collagen regeneration.

Fat-soluble almond acid and salicylic acid can better act on pores rich in sebum, help acne metabolism, and assist anti-acne treatment. Therefore, the main objects of use are acne, large pores, rough skin, dull skin color, hair follicle keratosis, etc. However, even without the above skin conditions, don’t worry. Appropriate AHA Gel maintenance products can still be used regularly for keratin metabolism.

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How to choose AHA Gel

Next, I will introduce some key points in purchasing AHA Gel maintenance products. Because AHA Gel is relatively mildly irritating, it is likely to hurt the skin if not selected properly. Therefore, please don’t miss the following excellent and detailed articles if you have any questions.

Select according to the maintenance part

There are various types of skincare products with added AHA Gel s. The skin on the face is small, and the effects can be used with concentrated acid essence or gel, which is more refreshing, and avoid greasy products like lotion. The body is suitable for cream in an extensive range, and it is more convenient for spreading and spreading. However, the AHA Gel concentration of each skincare product varies from low to high, and the essence is not a high-concentration product. Therefore, please choose the appropriate texture and attention according to your skin condition when purchasing.

Pay attention to the firm but highly irritating glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is extracted from sugarcane. Due to its small molecular weight, it can quickly penetrate the skin, accelerate the regeneration of the cutin metabolism, and strengthen moisturizing. Therefore, it is often used in skincare products for dark skin, rough skin, bright white skin, and light spots. However, because the concentration is high enough and the pH value is low enough to penetrate into the deep layer, most concentrations are high and irritating. The allergic reaction may be more evident than in other AHA Gel s. It is recommended to pay attention to the skin’s condition after starting to use.

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A complex acid formula can be selected for sensitive muscles or difficult skin conditions

Suppose the skin is more sensitive or has various skin condition problems simultaneously. In that case, you might as well choose a relatively mild mandelic acid. In addition, single AHA Gel s can provide limited efficacy and usually contain high concentrations of components, causing them to even have high irritation. Therefore, some manufacturers have introduced compound formulas combining different AHA Gel s to reduce the concentration of various acids. They can also complement each other to achieve multiple effects through the different permeabilities of different acids.

The concentration will affect the maintenance and rejuvenation effects

The acid concentration will vary from 5% to 30%, depending on the skin condition. Generally speaking, if you want to improve the problem of dull skin and pore blockage, it is recommended that about 5–20% is more than enough; the improvement of rough parts of the body can be more significant, and a concentration of about 20–30% can show the effect and change.
However, it is not that the higher the AHA Gel concentration, the more effective it is. It also needs to be matched with an appropriate pH value to achieve satisfactory results. The concentration of AHA Gel is between 5 and 15%, and the pH value is between 3.5 and 4.5, which can give consideration to the effect and safety.

Confirm whether the pH value of the product is more significant than 3.5.

The effect and irritancy of the maintenance products containing AHA Gel can be distinguished according to the molecule, concentration, and pH. Usually, the molecule is small, the penetration rate of the skin is faster, and the effect is slightly better, but the relative irritation is higher. The lower the pH value, the stronger the acidity and the stronger the stimulation. Therefore, under the Ministry of Health and Welfare regulations, the pH value of AHA Gel maintenance products cannot be lower than 3.5. AHA Gel skin changes with a lower pH value need to be used with a neutralization solution, which can only be carried out by professionals in medical hospitals.

For example, the pH value of lemon falls between 2 and 3. Therefore, if the AHA Gel commodity is lower than the specified value, it is equivalent to applying a thing with the same acidity as lemon to the body, which quickly causes skin irritation and sensitivity. The probability of adverse reactions is greatly affected.

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FAQ in selecting AHA Gel

Next, I will list several small details that need attention when using AHA Gel maintenance products and infrequently asked questions. I hope to help you make the product give full play to its best function and ensure that your skin is not injured.

How often should AHA Gel s be used?

The number of use times basically needs to be measured according to the component concentration of the commodity, which cannot be generalized. Generally, the recommended use times will be indicated in the component identification of maintenance products. Still, the recommended concentration is low if it is impossible to determine. For example, 5–10% can be used 1–2 times a week; 10–30% of the products are recommended once a week or two.

Do you need particular sunscreen or moisturizing?

After using AHA Gel, the old waste protein in the outer layer of the skin will be metabolized and removed, resulting in a fragile and delicate state. At this time, it is less protective against intense light, such as ultraviolet light, and it will be easier to sunburn than usual. Therefore, after using relevant acid care products, you should do an excellent job on sunscreen, and the moisturizing steps should not be ignored, which can avoid dry peeling caused by skin metabolism at the same time.

What if you feel tingling after using it?

Because everyone has a different sensitivity to AHA Gel, which is an acidic component, it is normal to feel a minor tingling at present. The reaction usually disappears after about 5 minutes. However, suppose it is used for the first time and those who are more worried. In that case, it is recommended to apply it to the neck, elbow, and other parts for 10–20 minutes to confirm whether there is any severe redness, swelling, and tingling. In addition, it is also recommended to start with a low concentration at the beginning and gradually increase the engagement after skin habits.


After reading the selection methods and popular products of AHA Gel maintenance products introduced in this article, do you have further understanding and harvest? Suitable AHA Gel skincare products can metabolize old and waste cutin and make the skin more smooth, tender, and supple. However, if the choice is improper, it will likely hurt the skin and lose more than it pays. In addition to using relevant products, it is also essential to cooperate with their own maintenance habits and steps. I hope you can filter out a product that won your heart through the content of this article!

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